MuseScore at FOSDEM 2020

• Dec 9, 2019 - 09:04

MuseScore is going to rock FOSDEM 2020!

FOSDEM is the largest conference dedicated to OpenSource in Europe (in the world?) held February 1 and 2 in Brussels. MuseScore editor team will be there (2 devs, me and Martin Keary)!

We have a table to present MuseScore to FOSDEM visitors on Saturday, February 1st.

We welcome everyone to discuss the hottest topics and design/development plans together. Four years in a row, we will organise a traditional Saturday dinner to gather everyone together :)

If you'd like to meet us, including a dinner on Saturday evening, please leave a comment on this post.


I’ll be there as well. Probably not for dinner, as I’m most likely with another group, but definitely during the days. Will be nice to get some passion chocolate and meet you people in real life again.

Have fun! Again, can we have video chat when you're all there? Like Skype. I'll be very excited if we could talk "face to face"!

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Did you already settle on a location for dinner ? If not yet final, I quite liked last year's location, as it enabled me to travel by train. Any location within walking distance of a train station would be ideal for me. I would like to stay at least until after breakfast on Sunday.

I'll be there! Possibly giving a talk the Sunday with @MarcSabatella about accessibility in MuseScore.

Also, I plan to stay a few extra days in Europe to visit another city - maybe Amsterdam. Let me know if anyone wants to tag along!

I would love to participate however I have no conditions due to distance, I live in Brazil.
Would you like to know how you have this beautiful blouse with the musescore logo?
Could I have one?
Hug to all and much success in the event.

Hope your presentation was successful, streamed and will be available some time later on (for my excuse: I enjoyed the same time a children's performance of Stravinsky's "Petrushka" to follow the live stream).
Above hope you enjoyed the time, and we'll get again an shared insight about the time of your dinner ;-).

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Thanks for the link. Seems the topic has aroused interest of the listeners. Wonder if there's a way to contribute Marc's pull request (labeled as "work in progress") for a merge: (see also: #299387: Support screenreaders other than NVDA and #300287: Missing items Orca screenreader doesn't read in the inspector).


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@DanielR, thanks very much! I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It was definitely an improvement on my previous presentations - and it was great to have @Marc with me this time! Hopefully it will help other developers implement accessibility in their own software.

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@DanielR thanks! and thanks to Peter for organizing this and inviting me to participate! Funny, when I watch myself in this, the aspect you kindly describe as "how to put a lot across in a short timeframe!" comes off as "how to talk really fast" :-). But yeah, I feel good about how much we were able to say on a variety of topics.

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"how to put a lot across in a short timeframe!" v. "how to talk really fast"
I think you're under-estimating yourselves: your joint talk just came across as professional and disciplined. No waffle, no straying from the subject, aware that you're in a 30-minute time slot - but determined to get the content across. I really enjoyed it, only sorry that I wasn't at FOSDEM to meet you in person.

And BTW I have a peripheral interest in the whole accessibility project: my partner was employed for a couple of years by the charity VISION 2020, working out of the RNIB's HQ building in London.

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