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Forum topic Blank screen saxlover2015 2 8 hours ago
Issue Distorted Sound with strange echo of input // Musescore 3 // Manjaro Linux Knecker McKnacksack 2 13 hours ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3 Released Anatoly-os 104 1 day ago
Issue Need option to completely disable Auto Placement dhfx 91 2 days ago
Forum topic Can't find segment trailing space in the Inspector? Solomon Douglas 2 2 days ago
Issue End+Begin-Repeat barline is missing tobik 5 2 days ago
Forum topic V3 file extension should not be the same as V2 frfancha 47 3 days ago
Forum topic New: Aegean Symphonic Orchestra Soundfont Sf2 Ziya Mete Demircan 31 4 days ago
Forum topic Tesitura Joran Birdsong 11 4 days ago
Issue Tab order broken mirabilos 3 5 days ago
Forum topic Exporting Musescore 3 files onto MAC as pdf or pmg, not transferring onto thumb drive or Windows teachertorsti 4 1 week ago
Forum topic Voltas are skipped mike320 2 1 week ago
Issue Problem when entering a whole note JohnJ1995 5 1 week ago
Forum topic Change default enharmonic spelling of accidentals ? BanjoJake 3 1 week ago
Forum topic Petite Fleur additions / chords piskal 2 1 week ago
Forum topic Chord symbols have spacing issues in musecore 3 Josh Sparks 11 1 week ago
Forum topic Poor printing quality Epson WF-7715 JoeAlders 11 1 week ago
Forum topic MuseScore completly crashing and loosing all of my saved scores. JohnIsbellMusic 8 2 weeks ago
Issue D1, D#1 and Db1 Dr. Who 2 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Deleting bars alters pitch of notes CMHdeV 5 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Is it possible to evenly space lyrics (and have notes adjust accordingly?) Stefni 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Combined End-Start-Repeat barline and time signature change tobik 5 2 weeks ago
Forum topic symmetrical split measure size. mikedrummerdude 1 2 weeks ago
Issue Symbols can no longer swap their places in the palettes cadiz1 5 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Color and size text - chord Jiří Kubík 4 2 weeks ago