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Forum topic help! Can't delete measure(s) Philip Ellis Foster 42 22 hours ago
Issue Lyrics horizontal spacing too tight, not really adjustable sideways 5 1 day ago
Issue Incorrect Harmonica Range HuffNPuff 24 1 day ago
Issue Edit drumset: instrument list should remember order set by user geetar 5 4 days ago
Forum topic Wah-wah sound dcgsteelers 4 1 week ago
Forum topic Is there a way to change note duration later? 3djake 95 1 week ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.3.0 Problem with DS (regular and segno variation,) ignoring bar repeats contained in the jump. IGMartin 10 2 weeks ago
Issue A repeat before the Segno makes the D.S. and D.S. al coda not working as expected BrnVrn 15 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Bug "Play repeats" Miré° 8 2 weeks ago
Issue Can't minimize Musescore or change virtual desktop on Linux with Gnome-based desktop environments reddiesel41264 25 2 weeks ago
Issue Plugins with dialogs open their dialog in the background (behind the main MuseScore window) Jojo-Schmitz 16 2 weeks ago
Forum topic How do I delete a rest? John Van Stry 84 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Help us to improve Note Input workflow Anatoly-os 75 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Help us improve the sounds in MuseScore s.chriscollins 396 3 weeks ago
Issue No sound on Mac and Windows, I/O's PortAudio API drop down menu empty Samuel Zilberstein 120 4 weeks ago
Issue [3.3beta-3.3beta2] There is a jumping effect on the palettes menu when you scroll with the mouse wheel. Ziya Mete Demircan 12 1 month ago
Forum topic Swing Measurements babyg0a7 3 1 month ago
Issue Exporting to wav or mp3 ignores repeats and 1st & 2nd endings fm42 8 1 month ago
Forum topic Musescore Pro Subscription Taytayisboss 14 1 month ago
Forum topic Sheet Music Scanning Software? Lets Rock 55 1 month ago
Forum topic MP3 audio file has no sound Dominic Coudin 9 1 month ago
Forum topic Cannot Select Measure (Typical click and blue box should appear answers are not working). mailelafleur 4 1 month ago
Issue "Line thickness" parameter of ambitus is not working properly ciospe 9 1 month ago
Forum topic How can I change note duration after input without deleting future notes or adding rests? Kabukiman 33 1 month ago
Forum topic New GM SoundFont Based on SGM Jonky Ponky 8 1 month ago