Good, realistic strings soundfont (With violins, violas, cellos, etc)

• Oct 13, 2015 - 11:48

Hey yall

I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a good soundfont that is only (or has) has strings in it. specifically what I am looking for, is seperate sounds for: a GROUP of violins, a GROUP of violas, a GROUP of cellos, etc. I have used the standered soundfont that comes with Musescore 2.0.2, and Timbres of Heaven (both of which are very good), but I, as a picky violinist, don't like how, for example; high notes in the cello section sound exactly the same as if the notes were written in the 2nd violins. In reality, a group of cellos sound quite different to a group of violins.
Hope I'm being understandable, and that someone knows what I mean and can hep out here!...

Oli C.


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Ah, thanks a lot! Ive seen it, and downloaded it, and the one in the link, but both of them dont want to open or anything... tried on two computers... "Windows cannot open the folder.....its empty". What bill gatesy nonsense...
Also tried using 7 zip, but it harps on about "error: unexpected end of data", and never extracts it...

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I'm not sure if I have bad memory or something, but this 3rd party version of the Sound Font contains more instruments (especially saxes which are still meh) but most of the instruments are sorted into the mixer automatically. Although unspecified percussion usually requires checking off "Drumset" and selecting Orchestra Kit or Marching cymbals/bass etc.

Link here:

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Select the soundfont instead of musescoregeneral, then open up the mixer (View>>Synthesizer>>Mixer) and in the mixer you can change the sound of the selected instrument. If you have MusescoreGeneral selected you can adjust the sound of the selected instrument to one of the sounds in MusescoreGeneral. If, however, you have have the soundfont selected, you can adjust the sound to one of the sounds that is part of the soundfont pack. Hopefully this helps :)

When I added this all it did was change most of my instruments to something they weren't, like it changed my violin to a timpani (in the mixer).

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