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I did not intend to purchase a year plan of pro. In fact, I did not intend to purchase pro at all, but this morning my card was charged with a year of pro. I would like the subscription to be cancelled and for my card to be refunded. I emailed a few days ago but I never got a response. Am I able to get some answers?

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It is very confusing for a new user, the .org and .com site looks the same with the same logo.

If I just want to download or print a score that a friend of mine has arranged but it seems I need to enter my credit card number(!!!!) in order to do that. From reading on how the .org part of MuseScore treats it´s customers I will never give away my credit card number!
If you want it to be user friendly then please make it clear what functionality I can expect as a "Basic" user and what funtionality that requires "Pro". And please, make it obvious what part of MuseScore that it is acting and when you swith between the sites!

How difficult could that be?!

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To be clear: MuseScore Itself - the notation software for your computer - is completely free. No way to pay for it even if you wanted to. But separate from that, you can also (if you want to) get an account on the score sharing website There are both free and paid accounts available. And yes, also other things like apps you can buy if you want to.

But the software itself is completely free, and so are the free accounts on

If you didn't intend to, how did they get hold of your credit card data?
So you must have entered it it, probably to get the 1 month free trial, which in turn implies that you intended to purchase it, if the trial turns out to suit your needs...
If you don't intend to purchase something, don't put out your credit card data, simple as that.

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I have exactly the same issue. I simply did not purchase the yearly pro membership as I've never intended to do it.
I have been purchasing a few music sheets from the website that's why I had to give my card details.
Somehow it has been charged $69.99 from my account this morning which gave me a big shock.
I would like to get my money back as I don't need the membership.
Can anyone please help me with this problem?
Thank you.

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You may be confused, no website associated with MuseScore (neither nor this one, has never had any option to buy individual scores. There has always only been sibscriptions, not on this site, but on So presumably that's the site you are talking about, you must have signed up for a subscription at some point because the only thing they offer, feel free to go to that site and ask for help there, nothing any of us here on this site can do.

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Which files do you need? If you mean the installer for MuseScore itself (the notation software that runs on your computer), you get it by clicking the Download link at the top of this page. If you mean, some musical scores you wish to view/play/print, you need to to go to, which is the site for score sharing ( is the support site for the software).

Hii...You have given a free trial month and specified that the credit card will only be done after the trial period. You were not in agreement and you charged me in $6.99. I would like to win this amount. My credit card company received information on your "work" way. Thank you isrtal631

I also found myself a Pro Subscription Member billed at 49 €. I'm not happy that this happened and was very surprised. The whole subscribing procedure was rather nebulous and I have been on the internet for some years now. Please make this more transparent.

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Sorry - but this keeps cropping up. I know that is a different site from, but there really are issues. Not all sites require credit card details for trials - so that can be knocked on the head. Some do - and there is a requirement to cancel the subscription before the end of the trial period.

I agree that users who don't read the small print shouldn't complain too much, though some might get caught out. However companies which go straight from no charge to a substantial charge without a reminder are not good news. Most sites I've used do reminders, or will just stop working with a warning that "from now you have to join and pay the subscription". I suspect that might not do that.

In my case I became a Pro member by using an iOS version of Musescore - and I have not been dissatisfied so far. However, trying to access on a "regular computer" without logging in does not allow me to download any scores - even ones which are not charged for - including ones which I myself have written. There is clearly an option to take out a Trial - which would not apply to me as I already have an account.

I think also that people who have previously registered and joined may not notice or have noticed this - which may be one reason why established members here keep denying that there is an issue.

I think there definitely is - probably because of a change of policy on the site.

The added complication which I've mentioned before is that it's very easy for newbies to not realise that the sites are different.

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I think that you are missing the point.

Here on, there are only volunteers who offer support for the free MuseScore notation software which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Nobody on this website has access to accounting or refunds, nor to policy decisions about charging for a subscription.

You need to address your concern to the staff on, where all score-sharing, commercial and subscription matters are handled. And specifically, you should reach out to

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I don't think salasimone is completely missing the point. He/she feels cheated, and perhaps rightly so.

It is a very unfortunate thing that there is such confusion. It does indeed seem that this particular site - is distinct from the site, and many of us know that - now - but whether that confusion was engineered deliberately or just happened by accident is now past history. There should be resolutions of this - and my suggestion would be 1. To discuss (complain) to and 2. Contact his/her credit card company. 3. If within a legislation/jurisdiction which supports it complain to regulatory officials - for example MPs in the UK.

Raising this issue earlier is more likely to get some sort of resolution, as it may be within legal time limits - for examples Supply of Goods and Services Act in the UK, and also Consumer Rights Act 2015, as well as the Consumer Credit Act. The EU will have different rules, and I don't know what happens in the USA or other countries.

A complication (doubtless unwanted) is that the legislation and regulation within one country may not apply to services provided online outside the country. This is probably a big problem now that services are often provided online and outside country limits.

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@salasimone1: Confusing as it is, (and has been for years), no-one at .org billed you nor took your money. You were billed by .com and you will only make progress with any sort of refund by going through the .com site. I understand your frustration but it is nothing to do with the .org folks.

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If you gave your credit card number in error, then as stated, please contact the people to whom you gave the credit card number. Those people are not on this site.

As for "same colors and logo", here's an analogy:

If you gave money to Facebook for some reason - to pay for an ad, say - then changed your mind, would it make sense to post to a discussion group for new parents and scream and them to give you your money back? After all, that new parent support group page on Facebook uses Facebook colors and logo, so it's clearly Facebook you'd be screaming at - or is it? Hopefully you can see how foolish that would be. Just because a page happens to be on the Facebook site doesn't mean that Facebook employees are the people you are talking to when on that page. if you're on a page dedicated to new parents, it's new parents you are talking to, not Facebook employees

Similarly, just because this forum happens to be on a MuseScore site doesn't mean that MuseScore employees are the people you are talking to when on this page. it's not - it's fellow musicians and other users of the software. who are here, not MuseScore employees.

if you wish to contact MuseScore employees, don't post to a Facebook group for new parents, and don't come here - go directly to the MuseScore employees, via or whatever contact method they are currently asking people to use.

And some additional friendly advice - when you contact them, it will probably be beneficial to calmly explain what made you change your mind about giving your credit card number and ask them to understand, rather than accusing them of something nefarious.

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The fact that there are two sites with the same exact name, same exact logo, etc means confusion is going to be likely. MuseScore is run like so many open source projects in that it's a complete confusing and inconsistent mess where users do not deserve the blame for this. Fix the system, it sucks.

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If you are on the .com home page, go to the bottom of the page. There you will see a Help Center listing. In that there is a contact listing. This is completely normal. Any site has this type of Contact US method. Here there is also an article about how to cancel a subscription. Not sure how folks end up on the .org site. Unless they think that a forum is the normal place to contact anyone about a refund.

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It's unfortunate - and I tend to agree about your "it sucks" comment. However there are several different sites which can be confused under the MuseScore umbrella, with similar names and similar colours in their web pages. It's not even clear to me that the Ultimate Guitar site/organisation - which is now linked to MuseScore - is such a bad thing. Arguably their aims are worthy.

As others have written, you need to contact to change your subscription. It's also unfortunate that many others seem to end up on these pages and have "issues" with all this from time to time. This does seem to be something which isn't going to be "fixed" in a hurry.

Many in the organisation do seem to be unhappy about this, but they can't fix the problem.

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