Change default enharmonic spelling of accidentals ?

• Feb 13, 2019 - 02:25

(sorry if my nomenclature is incorrect)

Is there a way to make MS avoid the use of flatted notes & chord symbols, and default to sharps instead ? For example, when I transposed a tune down a whole step, MS converted C to Bb (notes and chord symbols). I would like it to give me A# and A# chords instead (I know I can select all the Bb notes and hit J, and I can manually paste in the A# chord symbol at each note).


To change every accidental to a sharp, select a selection and press the down arrow followed by the up arrow. You can use ctrl+a to select everything.

if you transpose as "By Interval: Diminished Third => Down", you can get the result you want.
C => B => A # <= "diminished-third interval"

After you do this, you can delete the key signature in the first measure; Or you can add C# Major (7 sharps) key signature (which is the closest) to the first measure.

The default spelling should already be correct, are you saying you want it to be incorrect? That is, if you transpose down a major second, you want accidentals spelled as if you had actually transposed down a diminished third? I'd suggest simply doing that transposition then. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something. Attaching your actual score and steps to reproduce the problem would help us understand and assist better.

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