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Forum topic MuseScoreが予期しない理由で終了しました。 sintamori 3 19 hours ago
Issue "MuseScore quit unexpectedly" when closing MuseScore 3.0.[12] on macOS chschmid 16 1 day ago
Issue TAB Fingerings positioned wrongly kazuma yamamoto 14 5 days ago
Issue Fingering numbers cannot be applied to grace notes liam.morley.50 10 5 days ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3 Released Anatoly-os 101 1 week ago
Issue Copy&Paste Fretboard diagram’s number is mirrored. kazuma yamamoto 2 2 weeks ago
Issue Time/Key Signatures are placed outside of the measure kazuma yamamoto 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Symbols can no longer swap their places in the palettes cadiz1 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Default palettes should not be able to rearrange in Mac kazuma yamamoto 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Copying fretboard diagrams results in number offset to the right vic401947 9 2 weeks ago
Issue “Rest’s Augmentation dot” are not applied to TAB’s rests kazuma yamamoto 1 2 weeks ago
Issue Change to “Pizzicato” from Part score doesn’t work kazuma yamamoto 17 3 weeks ago
Forum topic 解説動画 (musescore tutorial) kazuma yamamoto 12 4 weeks ago
Issue Staff Properties window is too large geetar 20 1 month ago
Issue Loading 2.x palette in 3.0 doesn't work properly kazuma yamamoto 19 1 month ago
Forum topic 日本語版ソフトウェア(翻訳提案) kimikazu 54 1 month ago
Issue First notes in bars are too close to start repeat, key signature kazuma yamamoto 11 2 months ago
Issue Setting “Custom Tablature” in Instruments windows results in standard staff kazuma yamamoto 12 2 months ago
Issue CJK characters are not appearing at all kazuma yamamoto 43 2 months ago
Forum topic 譜表のプロパティ「段の縦線を隠す」 Yasumasa Yamada 14 3 months ago
Forum topic 追加→小節→小節挿入などについて Yasumasa Yamada 6 4 months ago
Forum topic 「テキストスタイルの編集」の中の「フレーム」について kazuma yamamoto 2 4 months ago
Forum topic Toggle ‘Show Rest’ and ‘Show Fingering’ on TAB via Inspector kazuma yamamoto 6 4 months ago
Issue Chord Diagram placement opposite kazuma yamamoto 4 5 months ago
Forum topic 「中間」-->「改段後の始点」 kazuma yamamoto 0 5 months ago