Version 3: TempoChanges and some built-in plugins won't show up on Plugins menu

• Feb 3, 2019 - 18:13

Windows version

In the Plugins Manager, I checked abc_import, colornotes, createscore, notenames, run, scorelist, walk, and an add-on plugin called "TempoChanges" (whose containing file tempochanges.qml I put the file in the Plugins folder), The only plugins that then show up in the Plugins menu are "ABC Import" (for abc_import); "Notes" (for colornotes); createscore, and walk. Plugins notenames, run, scorelist, and the add-on TempoChanges don't appear.

Is this a bug? I've never actually used notenames, run, or scorelist, but I have used TempoChanges regularly in the past (with version 2).



Most plugin need to get adjusted to MuseScore 3
@jeetee (the author) tried to port TempoChanges yesterday, but failed, as there's a part of the plugin frameworks still missing, namely 'annotations' (needed to check and remove existing tempo changes IIRC), so curently it cannot get ported.

@jeetee, I’m a big fun of this plugin !
Very much appreciate for enabling in v.3

In “BPM beat” drop down menu, text is garbled. I couldn't read a thing.
Is it cause of untranslated for my language yet ? (Japanese)
Thank you

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The contents of that dropdownlist uses the MScore Text font and accesses characters using UTF-8 encoding. Make sure that you don't have a font with that name installed yourself, it is built-in to MuseScore.
When I changed my MuseScore language to Japanese, the dropdown still worked; one difference is that I'm on windows.

What I do find curious is that the closed version of the dropdown does show the quarter note. Does it also change as expected when selecting a different value from the list?

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Thank you for the comment jeetee :)
How can I know if I’m using UTF-8 encoding or not?

Apart from that,
Text is still garbled.. even if I changed font to “MScore Text”
>Preferences—>General—>Font face—>MScore Text

My environment is MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

“Closed version of Drop down Menu” show note properly,
change as expected in different value from the list. :)

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A few months passed, I’m still struggling this unreadable dropdown menu..
I tried on two Mac laptops, result is same.
What I came to mind, In v2.x default shortcut of “Insert Measures…” come also like this.


So what I assume.. is this cause of several Character set of “MScore Text” is disable to display on macOS ??
Strange thing is yes, Closed version of the drop down menu shows properly !!
Wonder if other Mac users also encounter this or just something my setting problem..

Thank you

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I am a Mac user suffering this, too. I have taught myself to understand the order of the question mark boxes: the big ones are on top (whole note) and the little ones (eighth) on bottom, and 2- and 3-long entries are single and double dot. Dotted forms occur above the undotted form, and Whole has no dotted forms.

No, not a solution, but it's not just you. Insert One Measure displays properly for me, and Insert Measures shows no accelerator.

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Many thanks. The articulation plugin has broken through the door of difficulty, but behind the door found a wreck of a house (i.e., MuseScore is very messy in this area in terms of definition and model). We're working on it -- follow recent threads here. The nonlinear Tempo Change plugin makes a vast different. Please experiment with "curved". See also my very recent tutorial on phrasing (go to my page) if you like the articulation plugin.

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I think the real reason is that the Qt libraries on Mac decide to show the popup for a ComboBox in the UI-font rather than the font set for the combobox itself; which explains why the closed dropdown list is perfectly fine (using the specified MScore font) but the opened one isn't (using the UI font, which likely doesn't contain those symbols at all).

On other platforms the popup list simply inherits it's font from the dropdown list itself, apparently not so on MacOS.

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