Version 3: TempoChanges and some built-in plugins won't show up on Plugins menu

• Feb 3, 2019 - 18:13

Windows version

In the Plugins Manager, I checked abc_import, colornotes, createscore, notenames, run, scorelist, walk, and an add-on plugin called "TempoChanges" (whose containing file tempochanges.qml I put the file in the Plugins folder), The only plugins that then show up in the Plugins menu are "ABC Import" (for abc_import); "Notes" (for colornotes); createscore, and walk. Plugins notenames, run, scorelist, and the add-on TempoChanges don't appear.

Is this a bug? I've never actually used notenames, run, or scorelist, but I have used TempoChanges regularly in the past (with version 2).



Most plugin need to get adjusted to MuseScore 3
@jeetee (the author) tried to port TempoChanges yesterday, but failed, as there's a part of the plugin frameworks still missing, namely 'annotations' (needed to check and remove existing tempo changes IIRC), so curently it cannot get ported.

@jeetee, I’m a big fun of this plugin !
Very much appreciate for enabling in v.3

In “BPM beat” drop down menu, text is garbled. I couldn't read a thing.
Is it cause of untranslated for my language yet ? (Japanese)
Thank you

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The contents of that dropdownlist uses the MScore Text font and accesses characters using UTF-8 encoding. Make sure that you don't have a font with that name installed yourself, it is built-in to MuseScore.
When I changed my MuseScore language to Japanese, the dropdown still worked; one difference is that I'm on windows.

What I do find curious is that the closed version of the dropdown does show the quarter note. Does it also change as expected when selecting a different value from the list?

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Thank you for the comment jeetee :)
How can I know if I’m using UTF-8 encoding or not?

Apart from that,
Text is still garbled.. even if I changed font to “MScore Text”
>Preferences—>General—>Font face—>MScore Text

My environment is MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

“Closed version of Drop down Menu” show note properly,
change as expected in different value from the list. :)

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