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Issue "D.C. al Fine" breaks loop paying unexpectedly? Xianyue賢越 3 2 hours ago
Issue Add style setting for grace note distance Xianyue賢越 21 1 day ago
Issue 3.1 *always* saves to the <Synthesizer> tag… appending full info on *every* save mirabilos 37 1 week ago
Issue Show/Produces an unknown error which cannot be deleted? Xianyue賢越 21 1 week ago
Issue Implement better automatic placement of tuplet when avoiding the staff Xianyue賢越 13 1 week ago
Issue Some improvements to the mixer fmiyara 14 1 week ago
Issue Unexpected change of "Play Panel" layout? Xianyue賢越 14 1 week ago
Issue Playback cursor lags before "Repeat"? Xianyue賢越 7 3 weeks ago
Forum topic This whole program needs redesigned. MuseScore3 [DELETED] 32488178 30 1 month ago
Forum topic MuseScore Pro Refund! HELP. Tony Robles 2 6 1 month ago
Issue Mixer not remembering changes in the channels Bob_B 44 1 month ago
Issue Min distance setting not saved for text lines. Xianyue賢越 14 1 month ago
Issue Fingering affects layout with autoplace disabled Xianyue賢越 18 1 month ago
Forum topic "Dynamics" tab in "Synthesiser"? then... Xianyue賢越 1 1 month ago
Issue "C:\Users\xiany\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore3\QtWebEngine"? Xianyue賢越 5 1 month ago
Issue Playback is VERY Quiet FireController1847 13 1 month ago
Forum topic Ho to find a soundfont that sounds like a "REAL" Orchestra Arianna2001 19 1 month ago
Issue order preset list to account for similar instruments on banks > 0 s.chriscollins 37 1 month ago
Issue Trill with Grace Notes Piano Roll Editor Xianyue賢越 5 1 month ago
Forum topic Mixer Instruments should be separated by spacers displaying the soundfont which they are from Sarcophagus 2 1 month ago
Forum topic ☼ One day, "SoundFont Folders" with tickbox selection available Xianyue賢越 0 1 month ago
Forum topic ♫ Why some soundfonts are not working in full range properly in MuseScore? Xianyue賢越 6 1 month ago
Forum topic Too curvey and problematic slurs richardm999 6 1 month ago
Forum topic Better Piano Soundfont Ian B. Turner 10 1 month ago
Issue Youtube video uploading error? Xianyue賢越 3 1 month ago