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Issue Alternative fingering default position, all above the staff Xianyue賢越 4 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Very good soundfonts! .PasqualeToscano. 44 3 months ago
Issue "Qt5QWindowToolSaveBits" problem with program open and close Xianyue賢越 1 10 months ago
Issue Save zoom level with scores, keyboard shortcut for "Zoom to Page Width", ability to set default zoom to "Page Width" key-notes 9 11 months ago
Forum topic The New FluidR3Mono_GM.sf2 SoundFont for the Next Update for MuseScore and/or Nightly Builds Arianna2001 4 11 months ago
Issue Split measure after tuplet causes error Xianyue賢越 12 11 months ago
Issue Changes to Measure properties 'Play count' and "Exclude from measure count' are not propagated between score and existing linked parts Jojo-Schmitz 6 1 year ago
Issue Redundant Beam Xianyue賢越 41 1 year ago
Forum topic Custom location for Musescore temporary/backup files Svish 17 1 year ago
Forum topic Accidentals on Turns BachMozartBeet… 10 1 year ago
Issue Status Bar behavior Xianyue賢越 16 1 year ago
Issue 4K Monitor Display Xianyue賢越 15 1 year ago
Forum topic Help with chord trills??? Aidan Meachem 5 1 year ago
Forum topic Fingering for string instruments Xianyue賢越 5 1 year ago
Issue Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs guifre 16 1 year ago
Issue Palette item not showing on score, until refresh. Xianyue賢越 11 1 year ago
Forum topic Piano Pedal arielledawn2 12 1 year ago
Issue Request for control over metronome behavior in compound meter Xianyue賢越 8 1 year ago
Forum topic How to edit breath marks, articulations, etc badflautist 11 1 year ago
Issue Long Slur Appearance/Shape Xianyue賢越 0 1 year ago
Forum topic How can you set Musescore metronome so it click for each 1/8 note? usyyu1 7 1 year ago
Issue Musescore for Windows tablets Xianyue賢越 13 2 years ago
Issue Uneven Formatted Measures Xianyue賢越 4 2 years ago
Issue Multi-measure rest does not cover all measures which rest, IF... ... Xianyue賢越 5 2 years ago
Issue repeat list Xianyue賢越 6 2 years ago