Slurs do not work in playback

• Apr 24, 2016 - 05:11

I am working on an arrangement for a clarinet quartet, but when I add slurs/ties to two notes, it does not sound in playback. For example: This Capture 1.PNG sounds like this in playback Capture 2.PNG . If this is something I am doing wrong, which is completely possible, then I am unable to find out what or how to fix it. I have reported this as a bug, but was then told that it was not one, just a feature Musescore does not have yet (which is weird because this was not an issue when I first downloaded the program, but it is what it is I suppose). I know this is minor, but if at all possible and not too much trouble, can a sound for slurs in playback be added? That would make Musescore much easier to use.


MuseScore makes difference between a slur and a tie. A tie is entered with + or with the tie button in the top toolbar, it's used to add up the duration of the notes and it does playback. A slur or legato is entered with S and can span several notes (Double click and use Shift + Right to extend, or select two notes, press S). Legato is played but it's very (too much...) subtle currently.

How about instead of the difficult task of trying to implement a slide sound in MIDI just do a simple workaround: have the beginning and ending notes sound where they are supposed to. It makes it much more listenable/intuitive and the user can figure out they are supposed to slide there from notation.

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