Very good soundfonts!

• Sep 18, 2014 - 16:59

Hi there, I was thinking that the major part of users of musescore can't take better soundfonts. I want share and counsel you very good soundfonts:
First is Arachno soundfont, which has a library of all instruments:
Second, for piano, is Stein Grand Piano soundfont(counseled by pianist1998):
For stronger piano sound: Steinway Grand piano(always counseled by pianist1998):
Another very good piano soundfont is Steinway grand piano, but is for pay(always counseled by pianist1998):
A very good String quartet soundfont is this (click on "040 Florestan String quartet"):
And, for last one, a great orchestra soundfont ,with all instrument library:
I hope you like these soundfonts!


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I am wondering if perhaps you are misunderstanding the term "soundfont". A soundfont isn't just one instrument; it potentially contains many instruments, and the default default contains hundreds. Including both a piano and violin. Did you load a soundfont that contains only a single instrument? If so, well, that's the problem right there. What soudfont are you trying to use? If it does contain both a piano and a violin, and its GM-compatible - so MuseScore knwos how to find the piano & violin - then it should already be doing so. Assuming the score itself was actually set up correctly. If you loaded a soundfont that has only piano, you will to be sure to still have another soudnfont loaded (you can have several), and then use the Mixer to be sure to choose the specific sounds for each instrument.

In order to help more, you'd have to post the score you are having problems with, and more information about what soundfont you are trying to use.

Is there any SoundFont for WestAfrica Struing instrument like the Kora or the Ngoni, even if it is paid one, I would really appreciate your help

Hey, I made an account just to be able to post this. I stupidly downloaded the "Arachno soundfont" on my brand new laptop late at night when I wasn't thinking very clearly. It turned out to be a Trojan Horse, which completely destroyed my computer. For your safety, please don't download anything from this page.
Also, if we could ban this user that would give me some feeling of justice.

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I think it highly probably that the Trojan was already on your computer, as I downloaded this particular file over a year ago and opened and installed it without problems.

Either that or you used Sendspace's fast download which has several reports on Google of sending malware instead of the proper file.

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Arachnofont is crap and i hate spiders. The rest mentioned must be crap too.
Use mscore + jackd to use carla host plugin as a sampler. You can load pro kontakt soundfonts into carla via kontakt 5.3.0 player vst. You should have wine and airwave vst bridge installed.
For piano use
1. NI akoustik piano
2. NI alicia keys

Most of the rest of soundfonts are crap or don't have sympathetic resonance or require a high version of kontakt which won't work with linux.

You can read specs of akoustik piano. 10 velocity layers + symp resonance + other nice features. Don't even waste your time on using the so-called crappy free soundfonts or looking for them ...

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The only good free soundfont i met was ibanez bass guiltar about 80 mg. The only multilayered free soundfont is maestro concert grand (5 layers) but with dull sound and highly antialiased. The only non-antialised soundfont i know is akustik piano by NI. You should compare the high octaves. That's where bad piano soundfonts fail in the first place. Another benefit of a good soundfont is staccato samples. Again you can compare staccato of akustik piano with staccato of your soundfonts. I am more than sure you will feel the difference. Free soundfont don't have staccato at all... The latest nonfree soundfonts which unfortunately don't run on linux now have also repetition samples multilayred both for staccato and sustain, not to mention symth resonance which is already a must for any soundfont.

Thanks for sharing links, though some of them are not working three years after, you gave me some good clues. I was am and will keep looking for soundfounts.

I have a question, my soundfonts won't play, I'm using sound effects for my piece, but they just play like normal instrument sounds, it works on the computer editor but when I upload it to the website thats when it breaks, please help!

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