Better Piano Soundfont

• Jun 24, 2018 - 21:31

Hello MuseScore community.

So, I always really enjoyed the Piano soundfont on Musecore 1. Then, I was literally forced to upgrade to Musescore 2 due to some technical difficulties on my computer. I kinda liked the piano soundfont for that, but not as much. Then I was forced to upgrade to Musescore 2.2.1, and I absolutely HATE the piano soundfont. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? A better piano Soundfont? The ORIGIONAL Musescore 1 Soundfont?

Thank you all very much.


I've just finished up with a new version of the Yamaha Diskclavier Pro Soundfont for my own use. You can download it from Google Drive if you'd like to try it out:…

I used the wave samples that came from… but the instruments and presets are my own design. The ALX - YDP .SF2 is 8.2 MB in size, sampled in thirds at 44100 Hz, and includes the 00 Grand Piano YDP (stereo and mono versions), 01 Bright Piano YDP (stereo), and 03 Honky Tonk Piano YDP (mono).

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Me too! I have a Casio PX-750 (whose piano SoundFonts I really like - the organ ones not so much), but your Yamaha SoundFont is excellent. And it's always interesting opening these files in PolyPhone to see what's going on, the complexity is right up there in the design work I think.

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