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Issue "Other" appearance in Time Signature Properties does not work SkGnam 28 21 hours ago
Forum topic license daidai365 5 5 days ago
Forum topic Help us improve the sounds in MuseScore s.chriscollins 396 6 days ago
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Issue missing text fonts should fall back to FreeSerif s.chriscollins 4 2 weeks ago
Issue "Vocals" 'instrument' has wrong ranges set in instruments.xml and the templates using it tintamarrant 17 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Tuning notes in cents apparently doesn't make a difference The Tango Guy 11 3 weeks ago
Forum topic NEW Feature: Auto-converting images and PDFs to the MuseScore format directly in MuseScore Ximich 69 4 weeks ago
Issue Hiding a note does not hide its ledger line mirabilos 10 4 weeks ago
Issue Style of dash doesn't follow lyrics style Jojo-Schmitz 10 1 month ago
Issue Choir sample on E3-F#3 adds octave pitch Gleipdonir 10 1 month ago
Forum topic Better Choral Soundfonts For MuseScore 4? xXTacocubesXx 4 1 month ago
Forum topic Low B on Recorder is Shown in Red A Jar of Coppe… 22 1 month ago
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Forum topic Dependency conflicts in KDE Neon (qtbase-abi-5-9-5) Xerus 6 1 month ago
Forum topic Musescore 4 design and concept proposal MaBlo 70 1 month ago
Forum topic Publishing music with MuseScore soundfonts/MIDI NathanMaxwell 88 1 month ago
Issue disable mouse input fossildoc 15 2 months ago
Issue MuseJazz text messed up on import 2.x => 3.0 Louis Cloete 31 2 months ago
Issue Musescore 3 FreeSans bold text rendering is bad Jojo-Schmitz 16 2 months ago
Issue Broken on-screen rendering of synthetically emboldened fonts mirabilos 25 2 months ago
Forum topic Hear notes that aren't playbacked when starting midway. Iothes 28 2 months ago
Forum topic Musescore for desktop limited compared to mobile? aksargige4 11 2 months ago
Forum topic last upgrade of Musescore_general_full.sf2 jotape1960 1 2 months ago