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Issue No sound on upgrade to 2.2 if default soundfont was saved as default lasconic 17 5 days ago
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Issue [Regression] Playback slow to engage geetar 47 2 weeks ago
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Issue Close scores on clicking middle mouse button onto score tab Anatoly-os 10 2 weeks ago
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Issue Improved Concert Pitch mode elerouxx 23 4 weeks ago
Forum topic Planning for a MuseScore 2.3 release Anatoly-os 41 1 month ago
Issue Soundfont has brighter tone than expected geetar 22 1 month ago
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Forum topic Old Piano Sound Inflixer 2 1 month ago
Issue 2.x require GCC 4.8 mirabilos 4 1 month ago
Issue [Regression] MIDI fixup for overlapping note shouldn't kick in for different midi tracks lasconic 8 1 month ago
Forum topic The FluidR3Mono Soundfont ChurchOrganist 141 1 month ago
Issue Same note in different voices and lengths plays only the length of the shortest note schepers 122 1 month ago
Issue Date format wrong in issue tracker mirabilos 3 1 month ago
Issue Submit MuseScore mime type to IANA Thomas 3 1 month ago
Forum topic version 2.2.1 doesn't export .xml files? Peter1033 9 1 month ago
Issue Broken visual tracking of colliding notes mirabilos 30 1 month ago
Issue Regression: Unison notes in a shortest value are not played cadiz1 41 1 month ago