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Issue Same note in different voices and lengths plays only the length of the shortest note schepers 97 1 week ago
Forum topic PPA outdated Federico Butera 2 3 months ago
Forum topic Add parenthesēs around courtesy accidentals mirabilos 6 3 months ago
Forum topic Five new keyboard shortcuts mirabilos 15 3 months ago
Forum topic Transient dotting!!!! rl347 12 3 months ago
Forum topic ogg/opus instead of older ogg/vorbis for compressed soundfonts? whyyoubugme 8 4 months ago
Forum topic Drum Sounds on Musescore App? igorsriot 3 4 months ago
Issue Saving failes when relative pathnames used on command line mirabilos 8 4 months ago
Issue Embeds Qt5's private headers without putting them in a namespace mirabilos 1 4 months ago
Forum topic small 8va on small notes, easier cues jwpratt 16 4 months ago
Issue xdg Desktop file lacks “Keywords” entry mirabilos 9 5 months ago
Issue wrong MIDI for notes with two stems (and identical duration) mirabilos 0 6 months ago
Issue wrong MIDI on/off for (beamed) tied notes mirabilos 0 6 months ago
Issue time signatures get moved when splitting measures mirabilos 5 6 months ago
Forum topic Select pitch/tuning base note other than A4 mirabilos 2 6 months ago
Issue Editing a dynamic’s text disables it mirabilos 15 7 months ago
Issue Dynamics added by double click are horizontally centred, ignoring the style mirabilos 3 8 months ago
Issue Hiding a note does not hide its ledger line mirabilos 2 8 months ago
Issue userLen1 in arpeggio not available in the inspector mirabilos 1 8 months ago
Issue Cannot put a courtesy accidental on a tied note mirabilos 4 11 months ago
Issue printed album looks different from PDF export mirabilos 0 11 months ago
Issue Spatium setting not taken from .mss file upon creating a new score mirabilos 1 11 months ago
Issue MIDI input always enabled after program start mirabilos 1 11 months ago
Forum topic How to hide a staff line when identical with another? mirabilos 6 1 year ago
Forum topic A way to show the current position… mirabilos 9 1 year ago