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Forum topic Engraving improvements in MuseScore 4.0 oktophonie 20 3 days ago
Issue Lines can't be pasted Nicolas 29 1 week ago
Issue Box notation / note frame support Asmatzaile 13 1 week ago
Forum topic How to split notes into subdivisions? kflak 12 2 weeks ago
Issue UI for setting mode with key signature doesn't function properly marnen 13 2 weeks ago
Issue Shared unison noteheads and separate unison noteheads: spacing anomalies with dotted notes DanielR 8 1 month ago
Forum topic Big Time Signatures minionmax 36 1 month ago
Issue Allow system text objects to be repeated on lower staves mike320 39 1 month ago
Issue Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) Adrien de Croy 154 1 month ago
Forum topic Plugin to convert existing durations to tuplets Dylan Nicholson1 6 2 months ago
Issue [MusicXML Import] Final barlines no longer spanning staves on imported MusicXML files James Brigham 19 2 months ago
Issue Locked score unlocks by mouse interactions jeetee 28 2 months ago
Forum topic VS 2017 - could not create a named generator Visual Studio Dylan Nicholson1 10 3 months ago
Forum topic Why is there no humanization function?! Piotr Barcz 166 3 months ago
Issue Add capability to center text in measure. kontrafuss 12 4 months ago
Issue Final barline does not span to the second line after MusicXML import tobik 8 5 months ago
Forum topic Event doesn't reach its logical recipient. scorster 38 5 months ago
Issue Support for ties across voltas / repeats Mario de Janeiro 16 6 months ago
Forum topic Adding notes/rest and increase the measure length lvr124 20 7 months ago
Forum topic Plugins that apply to selection Dylan Nicholson1 14 7 months ago
Forum topic cmd("cut") and cmd("copy") crashed MS when the selection is made with score.selection.selectRange lvr124 2 7 months ago
Issue Inputing Ottava Bassa via menu or shortcut shows it above staff yamada_y 15 7 months ago
Issue Chord with same note twice but different accidentals doesn't display reliably Dylan Nicholson1 8 7 months ago
Issue Hidden rests in V2 etc. are drawn over the top of notes in V1 Dylan Nicholson1 55 7 months ago
Issue Allow sub and sup tags in instrument/part names Dylan Nicholson1 11 7 months ago