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Issue Inputing Ottava Bassa via menu or shortcut shows it above staff y_yamada 13 1 day ago
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Issue Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) Adrien de Croy 132 1 week ago
Issue Various issues with copy & paste for list selections Dylan Nicholson1 2 1 week ago
Issue Lines can't be pasted Nicolas 27 1 week ago
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Forum topic Rit. & Accel. aMeme19 37 2 weeks ago
Issue Slurs collide with grace notes geetar 5 2 weeks ago
Forum topic How to hide a bracket on either side of a horizontal break? Dylan Nicholson1 11 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Tools>Transpose doesn't automatically adjust stem direction or height, nor does it add the appropriate key signature. scorster 20 2 weeks ago
Issue Dragging the ends of trills causes measures to move around erratically mister_person 5 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Editing lyrics (space/hyphen etc.) Dylan Nicholson1 24 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Symbol that will show what a brass instruments range is? jsefus 8 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Parts - Remove Part doesn't work Kate.Dudek 8 2 weeks ago
Forum topic MusicXML - the duration element Doug Kerr 57 3 weeks ago
Forum topic XML import of triplets fm42 8 3 weeks ago
Issue Hairpin changes length if a dynamic is added Dylan Nicholson1 11 3 weeks ago
Issue UI for setting mode with key signature doesn't function properly marnen 12 3 weeks ago
Forum topic CTRL+SHIFT+drag behaviour Dylan Nicholson1 7 3 weeks ago
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Issue Some custom shortcuts no longer work in Windows 10, MuseScore 3.x enkidu 16 3 weeks ago
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