Space between lyrics words

• Nov 27, 2016 - 08:21

There is too little space between some of my adjacent lyrics words.
Isn't there a way to set a minimum space?


MuseScore does its best to space correctly, but I agree that sometimes the spacing is too tight.

I get round this on individual words by adding "Ctrl+Space" at the end of a word. I don't know of any global setting in MuseScore to set the spacing more loosely.

The minimum note distance parameter mentioned above also controls minimum lyric distance, so that is indeed one option. Not great if your score contains a mix of instrumental and vocal music and you don't really want to increase the minimum distance globally. Increasing stretch in the measures with the problem is probably the next best way to go aside from manually adding space to individual syllables.

The next major version of MuseScore will include some additional controls that may be helpful, in particular an option to force enough space between hyphenated words so that the hyphen is always displayed.

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