Page number on first page?

• Jun 17, 2024 - 07:36

The option in Page Style Header & Footer "Show on first page" isn't working for me, anything else I need to change?
However can I get a page number to appear on the first page so the font etc. matches that of other page numbers (it's definitely NOT the font for the "Header" text style, which is just Edwin 11pt, either if you use a regular numeral or a time signature numeral which is kinda what it looks like).

Update: for some unfathomable reason turning on that option isn't enough - you also need to a) change the first page number in page settings so it's not 1, and also change it to uppercase $P. God knows why, or how anyone's supposed to figure out that... (I had to look in the source code).
But even that's not enough - for one part in one score (I have one file per movement), there is only one page, but I still need a page number on it, and it doesn't show.



$p = Page number, except on first page (this is used as a default in the footer)
$P = Page number on every page
$N = Page number is there is more than one page

I have never used the last option, perhaps that works in this case. can read this in the popup which appears when you hover over the sections in the header/footer settings but might be something you have never seen....

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Yes I see all that, but a) what's the point of the "Show on all pages" checkbox if it doesn't actually do what you reasonably expect and b) I still haven't managed to get page #1 to show at all (and basically decided it wasn't worth the hassle).

Oh and for that one part that was just a single page I had to change the show odd/even option - again, no idea why...

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Not sure what is causing this issue on your system. I can create a single page score and have it to show page number 1 on the page by using the $P tag.

Guessing when this feature was designed/implemented the most common scenario was not to show the header on the first page and if someone did enable it, the desired option was not to have a page number on the first page (most "documents" follow that logic).
Anyway, if these scenario's are not suitable for you then you can create your own template in which the desired settings are set.

Thinking that this might also be a oversight from moving the page number from the footer to the header section, as I believe that in the past the page number was located in the footer. Hope my memory is correct :)

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