How do i put Suspended Cymbal as an instrument i want to use for a concert band song I'm writing?

• Jun 9, 2024 - 00:52


Hit "I". Select the down arrow next to "Common Instruments" and select "All instruments". You should find your cymbal in percussion.

I'm not quite sure what feature you're requesting, though there's definitely a need to improve how percussion instruments are handled, and I gather some improvements are slated for MuseScore 4.4.

Certainly I'd agree that the default "drumset" for concert band template scores should have an instrument called "suspended cymbal", but the one called "Concert Cymbal" - accessible via the C key, shown as a cross notehead on the first ledger line above the staff, sounds to me almost like a small suspended cymbal hit with a hard stick, rather than crash cymbals. If you use "change instrument" and choose "suspended cymbal" (you can search by typing just sus) you get a deeper sound suggesting a larger cymbal hit with a soft mallet (at least, that's using Muse Percussion - with MS Basic it's actually higher pitched than the "Concert Cymbal" option!). Unfortunately I don't believe you can incorporate that sound into a drumset, which is a feature worth requesting.

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I don't think the OP was about a concert band drumset. Only how to add a suspended cymbal instrument by itself. I wish there was an actual, two hand cymbal, crash. Oh well.
As for "improvements". I wish there was a way to not force mousers to use the keyboard to input notes. I just want to be able to click notes on to a drumset staff with my mouse. Off topic, I know.

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