Switching from page to continuous then back to page loses position

• Jun 6, 2021 - 10:18

I'm finding I frequently switch between page view and continuous view (as far as I know, continuous view is the only way to add notes to hidden staves, for a start), but it's rather frustrating that whenever I do it seems to lose the position and not scroll back to the page I was working on, even if I have something selected. Is there a "scroll to selected measure" command? Note that it works as expected (remembering location) if I'm in step-entry mode.


Alternatively, you might consider the shortcut [Toggle 'Hide Empty Staves']. It seems to keep an appropriate view-port, but it also loses range selection and doesn't toggle while in Note Entry mode.

Continuous view is not the only way to enter notes on hidden staves - the usual shortcuts to navigate up/down (eg, Alt+Up/Down) work fine too although it can be a bit disorienting ti keep track of where you are. normally, I don't recommend messing with hiding empty staves until you're essentially done with note input, though.

There is a command to re-establish a lost selection: Shift+L. Should also work to position the score there. Doesn't actually reselect a range, but just the specific note that was considered "active".

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Shift+L only seems to jump back to where you last used step entry mode, which I guess is useful but still doesn't really solve the issue of getting back to whatever you were viewing previously in general.
The score I'm working on has too many staves to work without without a large number of them hidden - plus it's much easier to determine where things should be if the staff layout matches between the screen and the (printed) source score. The Alt+up/down trick is pretty kludgy, especially when there are multiple staves hidden. And there are other operations that are easier to do with continuous view (e.g. operations that span measures that are split across systems/pages).

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Shift+L doesn't require use of note input mode, it uses the "active chordrest" (?), which is the one last traversed by any navigation command, including clicking a single note or moving about using cursor keys etc. But it is not affected by clicking an empty area to select a measure, I think. It should work the majority of the time but indeed there could be corner cases where it won't.

In any case, certainly it would be better to try to maintain the selected area when switching views.

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