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Forum topic New Emmentaler accidentals in 3.6 alpha are too sharp-looking Flora Canou 36 10 hours ago
Issue [MusicXML import] [3.6.0 regression] fretboard incorrectly imported Leon Vinken 15 1 day ago
Forum topic Custom key signatures with grand staff problem kevin.austin@v… 20 1 day ago
Forum topic PDF Converter doshaug1 76 4 days ago
Forum topic Inability to stack symbols worldwideweary 3 1 week ago
Issue Stem protrusion in Gonville worldwideweary 6 1 week ago
Forum topic Using different dynamics on repeat scottw46 12 1 week ago
Issue Don't allow virtual keyboard window to receive keyboard events pianocomposer321 2 1 week ago
Forum topic CHORD'S NAMES ABOVE THE BAR vicentecamus2872 2 2 weeks ago
Issue Inconsistent spacing of same-duration notes BarnieSnyman 74 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Frustrated with rests MartijnT 14 3 weeks ago
Issue Original Gonville actually has its own curly brace worldwideweary 2 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Playback without highlight stewmurr 44 3 weeks ago
Issue MuseJazz Curly-Brace switches to another font when beyond 2 staves worldwideweary 16 4 weeks ago
Issue File save can't determine file type without extension worldwideweary 16 1 month ago
Issue Add harmonic symbol for tablature: and harmonic notehead for staves geetar 26 1 month ago
Issue Onscreen keyboard only shows parent note/chord to ornaments/tremolos worldwideweary 4 1 month ago
Issue Change playback cursor Anatoly-os 20 1 month ago
Forum topic Crash pasting an image worldwideweary 7 1 month ago
Issue Glissandos not centred between notes in tablature geetar 8 1 month ago
Forum topic Auto-layout problems (voices and slur) yoichi123 2 2 months ago
Forum topic Deleting the 3rd voice note/rest with a dot yoichi123 2 2 months ago
Forum topic Crescendo (and decrescendo) for 1 note does not have the correct length. yoichi123 2 2 months ago
Issue Additional slur handles (e.g., to enable flat slurs) edizioneo 10 2 months ago
Forum topic Some Instruments Not Exporting in Full Score Audio William Halsted 17 2 months ago