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• Feb 2, 2017 - 01:31

I haven't been able to find the PDF Converter. I am using Musecore2 2.0.3. Can somebody help me please.


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It didn't work for me. I spent an afternoon trying to update to MuseScore3,and it did convert the PDF into a remarkable and arresting nocturne/fantasy in ¾ time, with piano and voice. Unfortunately, it was written in 4/4 for a jazz Big Band, and I need to get the parts to someone, as our set did not get everything returned after a concert marking the end of the semester!

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There is no one procedure, it’s going t be a matter of measure by measure understanding what went wrong and how to use the features of MuseScore to fix it. It’s not locked, you just need to be pretty expert in advanced editing techniques to understand how to work with the sort of errors produced by those sorts of AI programs.

Generally, for people who aren’t already experts, it’s easier to skip the PDF and just enter the music normally. It takes way less time to learn basic note input than to learn the sort of advanced techniques needs to fix conversion errors.

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Google translate:
Hi, I've sent these two files to my brother to print for me. It failed to open and asked to move to PDF but I could not. How do I convert these scores to PDF?

Simply open in MuseScore and export to PDF. At leadt for the 1st file, the 2nd one is a MuseScore backup files, you'd better work a file named "A THOUSAND YEARS certa.msc", i.e. without the leading dot and trailing comma, at least you'd need to rename that trailing comma away in order for MuseScore to be able to open it.
Both scores stems from MuseScore 2.2.1 (at least have been last save with that), so in order for them to look as close as possible to how they did when last used, better use MuseScore 2.3.2 to open and export.
I just did that in the attachments...

But also exported with 3.2.3, after resetting everything to 3.x style.

In either case I think you should work on improving the layout a bit, esp. on the 1st score, to avoid those very few measures on the 3rd page and reduce the entire score to only need 2 pages.

I just tried it with a perfectly scanned pdf, high quality 300dpi (attached), and I got back an unreadable corrupted file... I wonder if it didn't work with this one, with what will it work.

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The problem here is that you asked for a PDF import of a PDF document which contains:
a) Pages 1-29: brass band with multiple instruments
b) Pages 30-44: individual parts for each instrument

If you split the PDF file to contain only pages 1-29, you should get good recognition of the music (as a full score). Then you can generate the parts after making corrections to the full score.

I use the free PDFsam Basic for splitting PDF files:

I've used the converter successfully a lot BUT it does a poor job in converting music using the tenor cleff . Is there any mechanism for feedback/reporting this as a big or comment?

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The MuseScore PDF converter, which launches an Audiveris module, does a poor job in converting music using the tenor, mezzo soprano, or soprano clefs. Notes in the scope of these clefs are transposed badly. The conversion works okay with treble, bass and alto clefs. The error occurs irrespective of the file size or number of instruments involved or the complexity of the score. The error is consistent over a number of otherwise successful conversions.
A simple test pdf import file using clefs is attached.
Audiveris suggested that MuseScore is not using the latest version of this convertor. At their suggestion I have installed Audiveris 5.2.5. Using this I can import the test file and save it as a Music MXL file. I can load the Music MXL file using Musescore 3 or Musescore 4 and save it as a MuseScore mscz file without the errors described above.

Conclusion MuseScore is not but should be using the latest version of Audiveris.

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First thing I would recommend is to split the parts into separate PDF files. Then try to convert each one individually. It looks fairly clean, so you can certainly hope for good results. However, you'll then have to manually copy/paste each part into a single orchestral score to get all the parts into a single score.

Good luck!!!

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It was read by the PDF Import tool, but placed notes into strange combinations of Voices. (Sometimes it placed notes into Voices 3 and/or 4 even when there were no notes in Voices 1 and/or 2.) And, as is obvious, it couldn't read the Cyrillic text. Fixing the first system took about 20-25 minutes. The lyrics will add another 5-ish minutes.

The score that the PDF Importer gave is attached. You'll have to do a fair amount of fixing and you'll have to add the lyrics. IMO, you'll probably be better off just manually inputting the music and lyrics yourself. Your choice.

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