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Issue MIDI input latency over 300ms. peastman 13 2 years ago
Issue Playback should start from current selection peastman 4 2 years ago
Issue Play using sound of selected staff peastman 2 2 years ago
Issue Request direct way to change playback effect of articulations peastman 30 3 years ago
Issue Playback clears selection peastman 7 4 years ago
Forum topic Hard to select notes peastman 92 4 years ago
Forum topic Control playback speed of arpeggios peastman 7 5 years ago
Issue Flutes are not legato peastman 18 7 years ago
Issue Some zerberus sounds don't work in 2.0.3 peastman 9 7 years ago
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Forum topic Improved playback architecture peastman 6 8 years ago
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Issue Menus remain disabled after opening a file peastman 8 11 years ago
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