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• Mar 27, 2016 - 18:53

I'm trying to use MuseScore to drive an external synthesizer. For this to work, I really need the ability to send arbitrary MIDI commands. The "MIDI Action" tab in the text properties window looks like it would be exactly what I need... except that it doesn't seem to have been implemented! I found this blog that indicated it actually had been implemented last summer as a GSoC project: http://summer.cs.pdx.edu/blog/4186. But that code never seems to have been merged.

What are the prospects for getting this feature into MuseScore?



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Yes. The problem isn't anything to do with getting MIDI data back and forth. The problem is being able to send the right MIDI data.

For example, if I put dynamics markings into the score, MuseScore represents that by changing the note velocities. But the synthesizer I'm using (Garritan Personal Orchestra) doesn't interpret that correctly. For a lot of instruments, it uses velocity to control the attack rate and the mod wheel to control loudness. So if I want dynamics to be played correctly, I need to be able to send mod wheel changes.

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Ah yes! Someone gave me a copy of that a long time ago. I'm amazed that they haven't changed that behaviour to something more sensible.

It seems that the GPO sound designers are in complete ignorance of how MIDI works.

Needless to say I abandoned it extremely quickly in favour of Sonar 3's VSampler, which I already had as part of my Sonar 3 Producer setup.

The reason I was asking is because you may be able to use Carla's MIDI filtering system to convert Velocities into Mod Wheel data.

Using Carla eliminates the need for a software MIDI cable connection in Windows, thus removing a potential source of XRuns (LoopBE is particularly bad in this respect).

Anyway if you want to take a look at it you can find it here....


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I won't cast judgement on whether it's a sensible design or not. I can certainly understand why they implemented it that way. But my question still stands: what are the prospects for getting proper support for MIDI actions in MuseScore? Especially since someone has already implemented it?

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The main point was to provide you with a possible workaround until such time as the MIDIAction dialogue is properly implemented - something I too am awaiting eagerly, as it will finally allow the use of the Expression controller to provide single note crescendos/diminuendos.

I was unaware that igevorse had been working on this. As far as I knew his remit was improving JACK support which he did extremely well.

You might also like to take a look at this VST MIDI plugin which I think will allow you to map velocities to the Mod Wheel.....


Not free, but of low cost.

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Newbie to the forum:
Please excuse me for jumping in here.
Actually GPO4 (and 5 for that matter) does interpret the MIDI specification correctly for all instruments where note on velocity dictates note volume, e.g piano, harpsichord, harp and 'string pizzicato'.

Where it doesn't, but uses expression for volume instead, are all woodwinds, brass and strings.
It uses the mod wheel (MIDI cc#1) purely for convenience with live playing, but also uses cc#11 (expression) and cc#2 (breath) where any ONE of the three will do to regulate loudness and timbre.

In this case GPO4 interprets note on velocity as attack (tongue, spit, bow) for non-percussive samples.

AFAIK East West and VSL implement the same interpretation.

As far as I'm aware both Fin. and Sib. allow for this by using hairpins and other dynamics marks to control the relevant controller.

However, it's true to say that all (to my knowledge) older MIDI instruments are very much more simple. GPO4, EW and VSL allow far greater control over the sound.

Any use?

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