Some zerberus sounds don't work in 2.0.3

• Mar 14, 2016 - 04:21
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S4 - Minor

In the latest 2.0.3 nightly (8def5bc), some zerberus sounds don't work correctly. I discovered this when loading my scores created in 2.0.2: some instruments sound fine, while others aren't played. You can reproduce this with the following steps:

Create a new score, adding a glockenspiel to it as the only instrument.

Go to the synthesizer window, select the Zerberus tab, and load the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra instrument "Percussion - Glockenspiel.sfz". Click "Save to Score".

Go to the mixer and select that sound for the instrument.

Try adding a few notes to the score. No sound is played.

Doing the same thing in 2.0.2 works correctly. Also, not all sounds are broken. For example, the SSO instrument "Strings - Celli Sustain.sfz" works exactly as expected.


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No, there are no spaces in the path:


That's the instrument, not the samples. They all have names like "glockenspiel-c5.wav". No spaces. Besides, "Strings - Celli Sustain.sfz" works fine.

I've experimented some more and learned a bit more about the problem. First, it's not even specific to zerberus. I tried using the sf2 version of SSO, and that has exactly the same problem.

Second, I think it has something to do with transposition. Clicking on the piano keyboard I discovered the sound actually is there, but it won't play anything above middle C. Furthermore, it sounds *terrible*. I think it must always be selecting the very lowest sample and then scaling that up, instead of picking the correct sample.

The glockenspiel instrument in MuseScore is considered a transposing instrument, 2 octave up. It's not the case for SSO and that's why there is no sound for notes in the staff. You can change the transposition in the Staff Properties in MuseScore.

The SSO glockenspiel uses several opcodes that are not supported by Zerberus in 2.0.3. It will improve in the next version.