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Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue [MusicXML import] possibly incorrect error handling when importing incomplete tuplet Leon Vinken 1 5 days ago
Forum topic Which issues are still considered for 3.5 ? Leon Vinken 14 5 days ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Wrong tuplet calculation in two-note tremolo hhpmusic 2 5 days ago
Issue [MusicXML import] Musescore crashes when loading .mxl file containing incomplete tuplet tjdickinson 9 5 days ago
Issue MuseScore generates unparseable MusicXML for ampersands in chord names adrianholovaty 7 1 week ago
Issue [MusicXML] - articulations soft accent, stress and unstress not imported or exported hhpmusic 10 1 week ago
Issue Non-standard MusicXML Key Signature Import with non-Treble Clef michael.cuthbert 3 1 week ago
Issue Inconsistency in beams in MusicXML export / import gb7 3 1 week ago
Forum topic Inputting Chord symbols from XML file peterein 6 1 week ago
Issue Guitar Fretboard Diagrams imported from MusicXML are created incorrectly Djamana_2 6 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Preserving line breaks on export to mxl raychandler 18 2 weeks ago
Issue Microtonal information in Alter MusicXML tag not preserved. punyidea 3 2 weeks ago
Issue [MusicXML import] Floating-Point Alter tag interferes with import of accidental punyidea 3 2 weeks ago
Issue Plugin API: annotations in MusicXML file have blank text markshepherd 1 3 weeks ago
Issue [MusicXML Export] <extend /> miss type attribute h380108184 3 3 weeks ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Fermata at barline not exported hhpmusic 6 3 weeks ago
Issue Repeat barline not working on imported file SairRheul 2 3 weeks ago
Issue Multi-page scores yield invalid MusicXML Marc Sabatella 16 3 weeks ago
Issue [MusicXML import] add / change tablature testfile to cover higher fret numbers Leon Vinken 2 1 month ago
Forum topic tablature bug importing from musicxml Jack A. Zucker 20 1 month ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Customized instrument change not exported hhpmusic 3 1 month ago
Issue [MusicXML export] add text attribute to measure containing displayed measure number Leon Vinken 1 1 month ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Measure numbering not correct hhpmusic 20 1 month ago
Forum topic import a musicxml(exported from MuseScore ) but the drums have a piano sound hhlai1990 9 1 month ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Measure Number Reset Fails When Meeting Text Frames hhpmusic 12 1 month ago