Hide a non-empty staff on some systems

• Apr 9, 2022 - 15:36

I make vocal jazz arrangements (3 to 5 voices and a guitar-double bass-drums rhythm) and for my scores I display the voices staves and I hide the guitar, double bass and drums staves with the "Edit" Menu -> Instruments
But I would need to display at times, on some systems, the guitar or double bass staves, is there a possibility?


You can hide empty staves (via Fomat > Staly > Score), or hide entire staves (via Edit > Instruments), but you can't partly hide a non-empty staff

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Quote : How should that work, "Hide non-empety staves"?
To hide a staff in a system there was a function in Encore, we selected the staff and clicked on "Hide Staves" and and to display it again, its counterpart "Show Staves".

Quote : You can hide measures (Right-click into a measure, measure properties), empty or full.
It is not an easy solution because you can only mask one measure after the other, it is very tedious!
Moreover, the page does not resize when the staff is hidden in this way, as the staff continues to occupy its normal place.

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You wrote:
I would need to display at times, on some systems, the guitar or double bass staves

See if this works for you:
Create an additional guitar or double bass instrument.
Add notes to the systems you want displayed at times, then silence the notes in the Inspector.
Use hide empty staves in Format > Style > Score
Result is that the notes will display, but they will play from the (original) hidden instrument.

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EDIT: I have just realised I can change individual note loudnesses with velocity, so that would seem to be an option, although I haven't tried it to see if it will do so for individual notes within the same manual on a organ. In any case thank you for any reply :)

I am wanting to edit a score with choir and organ, but I would like to write three organs in so I can mix the sound (have three organs at different volumes for different textures - the same organ throughout is overpowering at times for the appropriate written dynamics). I would then like to hide two of them, leaving one master organ part for the print off, but three playing organs for track demo purposes. Is this possible?

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I've just tried this and I don't think that they play when hidden? That's my aim. To be able to 'create' a richer organ sound by layering different volumes and maybe even the odd solo sound like a solo reed.
In any case, a good job on MuseScore 4. I wasn't expecting something this useable in a test program (not a techie myself...). The choir especially is a great improvement.
BTW is a new organ also in the pipeline further up the road...?

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In MuseScors 3 - t he currently released version - invisible instruments definitely play. In the pre-release builds for what will eventually be MuseScore 4, you can make either the entire instrument invisible, it’s staves individually. The former also mutes, the latter does not.

MuseScore 4 comes with Muse Sounds which provides many new sounds including some organ. More may indeed come in the future.

Sometimes it would be helpful if a stave with hidden content would be regarded empty
when using the function "hide empty staves" but this is just not the way it is designed...
Would be a useful option though...

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+1, that's just what was trying with no success. Content visibility can already be applied per part, and if a staff with content that is hidden in a part would be treated as empty, then it would be hidden altogether in that part. That would give a lot of flexibility, without having to add the extra "hide staff" option.

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Can you post a sample score that shows a real world situation where this would be the best way to accomplish the goal you are trying to achieve? That would help a lot in understanding - both in a new feature to solve this use case most efficiently, or in suggestion current solutions you may have overlooked.

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Hi Marc, I have a score where a guitar part repeats after the first 8 bars. In the full score, the guitar is filled up for the whole song, while in a part I want to show the voice and the guitar, but this only for the first 8 bars. The remaining bars for the guitar are not empty and I cannot find a way to hide the guitar after the first 8 bars. Is it possibile at the moment?

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I haven't tried this but I think it will work. Have two guitar instruments in your score. In one write the section that you want to be visible and leave the rest empty. In the other one just enter the section that you want to be invisible. Set the first guitar to hide when empty and just hide the second one always by "closing its eye" in the instrument panel.

Actually while writing that I thought of an alternative that might be simpler. Write the whole guitar part in one part and hide it. Write (copy + paste) the section you want to see into the other stave, set it to hide when empty and mute it.

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