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• Mar 16, 2015 - 18:36

Is there any way of adding the counts to the measures so you see which note comes on 1, on 2+,...? I'd like to have 1+2+3+4+ over every measure so I don't have to write it by hand for my kids.

Thanks a lot for your help!


I would also love this functionality. When showing the counting for compound signatures I like to use
1 + a 2 + a etc. This can be done with the chord symbol text, but the 'a' gets capitalised. Can't see how to turn this capitalising off.

As it turns out, I was also wondering how to to do this and I think this would in fact be a plugin that would be useful to many users.

I wish I knew how to make plugins, as I would definitely make this one.

Since I'm new to MuseScore, may I ask.... What is the usual route to "request" a plugin from this community? Do people in need of plugins offer to pay programmers, perhaps?


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No formal process, just post here and maybe someone with extra time will offer.

Meanwhile, though, did you see the suggestion for using chord symbols? WOuld be a very simple matter to enter the counts that way in a matter of seconds (enter them for one measure, copy/paste to others).

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Thanks. Oh, yes, I did see the comment about entering the count as the chord symbols and I even tested it, right away. However, I can't seem to be able to figure out how to copy/paste those from one bar into the other. What I do is this:

I enter the 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & as explained above
To select I first select 1, then hold the command key (on a Mac) to select the others.
When they are all highlighted in blue I do copy
Then I select the note in the next bar and do command K
Then when I do paste nothing happens

Also, with this process the spaces between the 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & are uneven. This is just cosmetic, of course, but if someone were to do this plugin perhaps it would also be an opportunity to make some adjustments so that the spaces are even.

Again, since 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & is such a common teaching process I think this kind of plugin would be used widely by anyone teaching music.

This morning I looked a little bit on this site at those guidelines that explain how to make plugins, but since I have absolutely no experience writing any type of code, I don't have an understanding yet. But in principle if I had any idea how to do this I would give it a shot.


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That should work, not sure what went wrong. Try again?

But FWIW, maybe a better approach would be to enter the chords in an empty score and save it, then just copy and paste from there any time you need to do this.

It's normal for music spacing to be uneven - half notes don't take twice the space of quarter notes. But if you've evntered the chords correctly - the numbers on the beats, the "&" on the offbeat (you can use Ctrl+4 to advance the cursor by eighth notes) then the chords themselves should even out the sapcing reaosnably well in many cases. But if you wish to force it to be even, consider adding invisible eighth notes in voice 2.

Feel free to attach your score so we can see what is going on and assist better.

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Thanks again for helping me.

I figured out how to paste. I just have to do paste after selecting the first note of the beat, but without first doing command K.

I did read your earlier tip about doing Ctrl+4 (on my Mac its command instead of control) and that is how I was advancing by 8th note spaces.

I made a screen shot, as you've advised.


This is also TAB-ed for kids on a 4 string guitar. Again, it works, but visually I can see that spaces are uneven. I'll try that invisible 2nd voice trick to see what happens. I'm not sure if that will somehow insert additional numbers on the TAB, though. I'll try.

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I did some work after posting my reply. I tried rests for the 2nd voice, so that nothing shows up on the TABs. He rests.png re''s a screen shot.

Although it did force some spaces to be resized I still see that the spaces in the part 2 & 3 in the 1st measure, are not as even as the same spaces in the 2nd measure.

Hope I don't sound picky. I'm simply experimenting with options.


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You're right, it's still not 100% even. A plugin wouldn't be able to accomplish that any better though - they don't have control over MuseScore's layout algorithms. You could also try filling the extra voice with sixteenths or shorter values. Chances are you'd still need to fine-tune manually to get it perfect, though.

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Best way to do it still depends on the specifics of your particular situation. If it were me, I'd probably use the "new" (since this thread was started) Roman analysis feature to enter the counts. You can use Ctrl+4 shortcut to advance by eighth note, and unlike chord symbols, the text is "plain" and won't be altered. Actually, the default font for RNA has some formatting built-in but you can override that font using the Inspector and set a new as your style.

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Spaces are designed to be uneven, AIUI… even in Elaine’s book.

As for the plugin ideas: I recently had the need to reimplement the barbeat code in JS/QML for a plugin.… contains it, somewhat: first you run buildMeasureMap(score) and save that away; then, showPos can use the map to figure out the barbeat under the cursor.

Maybe this helps. It’s a start, nowhere near enough needed for this, but probably something direly needed as foundation for this.

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