Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Drum Input Palette and text toolbar disappear when overlayed/underlayed by virtual Piano geetar 6 4 hours ago
Issue Accidentals no longer tuck under/over previous notes Marc Sabatella 15 4 days ago
Forum topic Which issues are still considered for 3.5 ? Leon Vinken 14 1 week ago
Issue Disable save prompt for all imported files opened without changes (and improve other pop-ups to make the situation clearer) Howard-C 118 1 week ago
Forum topic Collaborative Scores!! 9musicnerd 4 1 week ago
Forum topic Survey: Default zoom type Spire42 13 1 week ago
Issue Crash on ending score playback TheOtherJThistle 14 1 week ago
Issue Continuation lines disappear in figured bass ylebars 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Measure number vertical offset interpreted incorrectly Marc Sabatella 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Updated build for ARM? Jinx_Dojo 15 2 weeks ago
Issue [Accessibility] - Note input in Musescore 3.5 beta not read hhpmusic 12 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash when changing the numerical value of Fretboard Diagram “Maximum shift above” and then delete chord symbol kazuma yamamoto 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Multi monitor Dpi Major Fuzziness Apad121 9 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Help us to improve Note Input workflow Anatoly-os 75 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Musescore 4 design and concept proposal MaBlo 70 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Refund FalsoPastore 29 3 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore 3.3 can't be opened in macOS 10.15 Catalina dafgonza 54 3 weeks ago
Issue Tempo note slipped on printed score yonah_ag 3 3 weeks ago
Issue Apply/OK of Preferences is very slow worldwideweary 14 3 weeks ago
Issue Multi-page scores yield invalid MusicXML Marc Sabatella 16 4 weeks ago
Issue Chord Symbols: allow option to ensure uniform vertical alignment Jer Roque 29 1 month ago
Issue File preview support (macOS QuickLook, …) RobFog 0 1 month ago
Issue Inconsistent octave selection in note input mode mike320 43 1 month ago
Forum topic Musescore Pro Refund Jazid 55 1 month ago
Issue File->Open doesn't open file explorer bmacs001 2 1 month ago