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Forum topic Our Progress on MuseScore 4 Tantacrul 248 2 hours ago
Issue Updated build for ARM? Jinx_Dojo 37 2 days ago
Forum topic Buzz Roll Stem Brock Allen 12 1 week ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4. Moving from notation software to composition software. Anatoly-os 428 2 weeks ago
Issue [MusicXML export] issues with coda and d.s. al coda Leon Vinken 15 2 weeks ago
Blog GSoC 2021 - Week 3 - Tempo Popup 85sid 5 3 weeks ago
Forum topic OS X file Quick View ;) Tommotide 21 3 weeks ago
Issue Crash when clicking on brace after adding a bracket mike_sperone 9 1 month ago
Blog GSoC 2021 - Week 1 - Generalized Popups for Notation Elements 85sid 1 1 month ago
Blog GSOC 2021: Chord Symbol Style Editor - Week 1 MysticSlice 1 1 month ago
Blog GSoC 2021 - Week-1: Improving Accessibility For the Visually Impaired arjuntaneja79 1 1 month ago
Issue Make "Visible" checkbox in Instruments dialog available for individual staves within an instrument Recorder485 16 1 month ago
Issue "MuseScore quit unexpectedly" when closing MuseScore 3.0.[1-5] on macOS with a MIDI device chschmid 69 1 month ago
Issue ø (Half-diminished) symbol wrongly interpreted as o (diminished) geetar 8 1 month ago
Issue Section break causes pause before repeats and jumps during playback Nicolas 59 2 months ago
Issue Request alternate position key signature when using begin repeat sign rio3333 18 2 months ago
Forum topic count 1+2+3+4+ andrea.unold 35 2 months ago
Forum topic Introducing Telemetry in the Notation Software Anatoly-os 236 2 months ago
Issue Order in item lists, e.g. Palettes, Master Palette, Style, appear random 9 2 months ago
Issue keyboard shortcut 5 doesn't work for quarter duration on AZERTY keyboard bork77 21 3 months ago
Forum topic Musescore on School Computers Crashing in Bar 3 ellenmaytiso1 1 3 months ago
Issue AMD GPU on Mac slows down the work iBobby 9 4 months ago
Issue Horizontal Frame on system by itself at end of page causes previous system to disappear kazuma yamamoto 21 4 months ago
Issue Wrong vertical position of breath mark werner 28 4 months ago
Issue "Orchestral" and "Brass Ensemble" missing Euphonium and baritone-horns bmhm 6 4 months ago