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Forum topicShould Timeline contain small buttons for Solo "S" and Mute "M" and maybe a horizontal volume slider? ericfontainejazz221 day ago
Forum topicShould Timeline be able to rearrange score's instrument order? ericfontainejazz261 day ago
IssueMonitor resolution detected incorrectly, making sizes wrong borrel77202 days ago
Issue[GP6] better mapping between GP instruments and MuseScore instruments lasconic102 days ago
IssueCrash on startup or on close last score Jojo-Schmitz91 week ago
IssueCrash when Timeline is shown with enabled multimeasure rests cadiz171 week ago
IssueAdd a two measure repeat sign lasconic1451 week ago
IssueCopy and paste multiple Fretboard Diagrams Shoichi163 weeks ago
IssueMIDI export: Track 0 should not contain note events .function_506 weeks ago
IssueEmbed MP3 support by default lasconic37 weeks ago
Forum topicDownload page suggestion: release notes and release date Riaan van Niekerk412 weeks ago
IssueRegression: pitches in Edit Drumset not sorted in numeric order RobFog1312 weeks ago
Forum topicPalettes are too small! b2sing4u1412 weeks ago
Forum topicRests appear in Drum Score toltec412 weeks ago
IssueMore appropriate column widths in "Edit drumset" dialogue RobFog1313 weeks ago
IssueCopy-paste an empty measure onto a measure located before a MM-rest causes corruption/crash cadiz11314 weeks ago
IssueAutosave will not turn off in 2.1-RC mike320214 weeks ago
IssuePinch/spread to zoom uses wrong centerpoint Thomas1215 weeks ago
Issuespacing of lyrics for multiple verses, and hairpin placement Ron Cohen1315 weeks ago
IssueLabel fields for width and height of toolbar icons in Preferences > General chen lung2116 weeks ago
IssueBad corruption and truncated score by opening this file cadiz1816 weeks ago
IssueWrong FSF address in GPL headers lasconic317 weeks ago
IssueMac OS X El Capitan missing from "platform" section of developer profile duck57818 weeks ago
Forum topicPreparing MuseScore 2.1 release lasconic2118 weeks ago
IssueCrash when loading palette with small width/height grid RobFog2319 weeks ago