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IssueMore appropriate column widths in "Edit drumset" dialogue RobFog33 days ago
IssueWrong FSF address in GPL headers lasconic35 days ago
IssuePinch/spread to zoom uses wrong centerpoint Thomas106 days ago
Issuespacing of lyrics for multiple verses, and hairpin placement Ron Cohen126 days ago
IssueLabel fields for width and height of toolbar icons in Preferences > General chen lung201 week ago
IssueBad corruption and truncated score by opening this file cadiz171 week ago
IssueMac OS X El Capitan missing from "platform" section of developer profile duck5782 weeks ago
Forum topicPreparing MuseScore 2.1 release lasconic212 weeks ago
IssueCrash when loading palette with small width/height grid RobFog232 weeks ago
IssueAdd a two measure repeat sign lasconic1312 weeks ago
IssueTime Sig Note Grouping UI has a bunch of extra slots for beam properties, which cause minor resize artifact. So tighten up ericfontainejazz153 weeks ago
IssueTranslate "save" into Dutch as "sla op" vs. "beware" hoegen dijkhof44 weeks ago
IssueAdd way to revert to "default" drumset In the drumset editor RobFog74 weeks ago
IssueRedesign of playback panel and screen workspace etranger314 weeks ago
Forum topicMuseScore update available for MacOS lasconic48 weeks ago
IssueBlack score view with MacOS Sierra spinaluc259 weeks ago
IssueRemove lines causes a crash cadiz1410 weeks ago
Issue[Drum notation] Add more noteheads RobFog1012 weeks ago
IssueImports from *.gpx files play wrong drums sounds drowo@gmx.net1115 weeks ago
Issueadd support for playback of custom key signature cimbalom_815 weeks ago
Forum topicWrapping up Google Summer of Code 2016 lasconic2116 weeks ago
Forum topicSome Drum Notation Addition Requests johnnygizmo517 weeks ago
Issue[GP6] better mapping between GP instruments and MuseScore instruments lasconic917 weeks ago
IssueSearch-and-replace tool for text matter in scores Recorder485422 weeks ago
IssueVolta Hook height style setting not applied via double click jeetee323 weeks ago