keyboard shortcut 5 doesn't work for quarter duration on AZERTY keyboard

• Apr 2, 2021 - 15:51
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I have problem with keyboard shortcut : 5/( for black note.
When editing music on my azerty keyboard if i pick 2/é -> triple , 3/" -> double, 4/' -> simple but 5/( doesn't work for black , 6/- work well after for white.


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regression vs. which version?
It works well with last Musescore 2 version and from memory it works with first musescore 3 version after the keyboard short cut doesn't work with 2/é, 3/", 4/', 5/( 6/- and now it's reworks but not for quarter note.

What do you mean by 5/(, (and by 2/é, 3/", 4/', 6/-)?
I mean the keys above azerty or qwerty keys not the number keys on the right of the keyboard.

And what by black?
black seems to be a bad translation, quarter note seems better.…

OK, so 5 should sets a quarter duration, and does for me and, as far as I can tell, for anyone else, just like 4 sets an 8th and 6 sets a half, are you saying that 2,3,4 and 6 work to set their durations but 5 does not?

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Yes that's it.
I just try to switch my keyboard to qwerty with alt+shift and it works well in qwerty.
The problem is just in azerty - french keyboard.

5([ (azerty) doesn't work to set duration for me but 5 on the right of the keyboard works well to set duration.
I have version.

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I can confirm.

I think this is caused because '(' has been set as the default shortcut for parenthesis somewhere along the 3.x chain; which conflicts here for Azerty users

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it has

    <seq>Alt+(</seq> <!-- AZERTY for 5 -->

(more than once) and


I guess the latter is what's causing this issue?

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It is curious, or not completely clear here.
The 5 (to choose the duration of a quarter note) on the numeric keypad works perfectly here, with an AZERTY keyboard. And I don't remember any report of failure on this subject in the past ?
However, when it comes to Tablature (the 5 of the alphanumeric part of the keyboard/the row of numbers above the letters), this is an issue that has been reported and known for a long time, see: #292716: [TAB] Conflict between fret/number 5 and shortcut "Add parentheses to element" (AZERTY)
So either it's directly related (depending on the user's choice of shortcuts, or type of keyboard - with numeric keypad or not, I don't know), or it's a duplicate (rather!)

  • I temporarily mark it as "Needs info" for clarification about these points.

If somebody has the same problem, the solution explained in the github is :

In settings : change the keyboard shortcut : "Add paranthesis () to element / Ajouter des parenthèses à l'élément" from : ( to )
It works well.

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