System Message

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue play repeats and jumps work only 1st time Jojo-Schmitz 13 1 hour ago
Issue Show invisible does not work until screen is redrawn mike320 22 18 hours ago
Issue Crash with first note of measure set to beam middle and nothing to beam to mike320 18 20 hours ago
Issue [MacOS X] Export Pdf with Muse Jazz Text all garbled and unreadable Unknown Prodigy 22 2 days ago
Issue Disabling autoplace for image does not remove it from autoplacement Marc Sabatella 11 1 week ago
Issue Add natural+sharp and natural+flat accidentals moclin 23 1 week ago
Issue Check for update on RC: "No update available" Riaan van Niekerk 7 2 weeks ago
Issue 3.0 does not compile mirabilos 12 2 weeks ago
Issue "Ped. *" has the line set to visible in 3.0 in advanced workspace , was invisible in 2.x Jojo-Schmitz 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Can't exit full screen after closing file matthewkenigsberg 7 2 weeks ago
Issue Ottavas are not correctly imported JohnJ1995 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Template Concert Band (Europe version) Theo Moors 17 2 weeks ago
Issue disabling multimeasure rests in parts doesn't "survive" save/close/reopen Jojo-Schmitz 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Text Toolbar does not update font info when cursor changes ericfontainejazz 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Landscape PDF cropped on the right side jschwalm 13 2 weeks ago
Issue text cursor before first character of a text element or before a special character of text aren't initialized to text element's default ericfontainejazz 22 2 weeks ago
Issue multi-staff implode doesn't work when selection is a single measure or smaller ericfontainejazz 8 2 weeks ago
Issue Dropping "Image" on note attaches it to segment instead. pbrenna 7 2 weeks ago
Issue Guitar vibratos play earlier than they should after repeated measures Suolattava 5 2 weeks ago
Issue [Windows] underline too close to (lyrics) letters cadiz1 27 2 weeks ago
Issue Ties fail to be copied-pasted in a score with parts cadiz1 16 2 weeks ago
Issue Hang on pressing space after entering fingering on only note of score Marc Sabatella 4 2 weeks ago
Issue MusicXML export loses tablature info, produces unrecognizable notation geetar 11 2 weeks ago
Issue Shortcuts with NumPad don't work with AppImage kuwitt 13 2 weeks ago
Issue Cannot select folder to batch convert on Mac jeyes 8 2 weeks ago