System Message

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Bad layout of lines (text line, trill line...) before start repeat cadiz1 17 2 days ago
Issue MuseScore Crashes Immediately on Startup on Windows Tyler Shropshire 34 2 days ago
Issue Double barlines span to next staff when instrument inserted mike320 11 6 days ago
Issue Key signatures displayed incorrectly after clef change Marc Sabatella 11 6 days ago
Issue Crash when deleting a horizontal frame if corrupt part John Carr 12 1 week ago
Issue hour issue joonatanrinne1 16 1 week ago
Issue Fermatas: In imported 2.x files, the fermata in voice 2 is reset to voice 1 geetar 8 2 weeks ago
Issue Adding articulation causes full relayout mike320 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Invisible line should not be included in skyline mike320 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Piano keyboard display does not update when adding accidental using toolbar or palette joonatanrinne1 10 2 weeks ago
Issue "Open" text does not work for trumpets in jazz combo/big band templates Marc Sabatella 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Permanent double time signature/key signature after style changed then save/reload cadiz1 16 2 weeks ago
Issue MIDI channel assignments lost in parts after save / reopen drowo 15 2 weeks ago
Issue Bottom of Musescore window cut off sambaji 17 2 weeks ago
Issue [Epic] 3.1-RC Regressions that must be fixed mike320 13 3 weeks ago
Issue Mixer changes width of inspector when undocked. sambaji 13 3 weeks ago
Issue Select all glissandos in Range Selection fails mike320 10 3 weeks ago
Issue Deleting first measure causes crash when a hairpin starts there TheOtherJThistle 7 3 weeks ago
Issue Comma as a shortcut won't get saved gfeuer 20 3 weeks ago
Issue Crash splitting multimeasure rest rank73_lotto 10 3 weeks ago
Issue Adding Instrument, after changing location in the Dialog, leads to crash mike320 30 3 weeks ago
Issue Coloring glissando's: color visible in inspector but not on screen MichLeon 6 3 weeks ago
Issue Press Ctrl+number (3,4,5,6) while entering chord mode cause crash kazuma yamamoto 6 3 weeks ago
Issue "Show courtesy" checkbox in clef Inspector does not work Marc Sabatella 7 3 weeks ago
Issue [Regression] Spacers start adding space between systems too soon Marc Sabatella 6 3 weeks ago