System Message

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Position of "play panel" should be restored on close and re-open Bacchushlg 19 2 days ago
Issue Add / Text / Title et al does not reposition score view to show the text being added Marc Sabatella 4 2 days ago
Issue Adding an end/start repeat barline to score adds an end repeat barline to parts Jojo-Schmitz 15 1 week ago
Issue MuseScore 3.0.4 on macOS is crashing on startup. Nevin Williams 85 1 week ago
Issue Palettes: need to double-check a few icons geetar 9 1 week ago
Issue sad state of command line option documentation mirabilos 25 2 weeks ago
Issue Turning off mmrests results in assertion failure Marc Sabatella 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash in Brackets Editing Mode and on Save cadiz1 13 2 weeks ago
Issue 3:4 tuplet appears corrupted AlanPalgut 16 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash on removing a horizontal frame twice dmitrio95 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash on undoing removal horizontal frame cadiz1 8 2 weeks ago
Issue Feature to write out jumps and repeates (Linearization) 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Non-default style settings in score get applied to all parts on reload, leading to bad transposition and other loss of data cadiz1 14 2 weeks ago
Issue Moving an image can't be undone pbrenna 6 2 weeks ago
Issue 2 decimal places for tempos sideways 18 2 weeks ago
Issue Request to rename "Timewise delete" command bebs 33 2 weeks ago
Issue Palette selections stay highlighted mike320 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Leave note selected when adding palette items in note input mode Marc Sabatella 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Playback cursor not tracking notes on invisible staves geetar 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Cross-staff slurs/ties trying to avoid note on wrong staff Marc Sabatella 36 2 weeks ago
Issue Chord symbol spacing issues Marc Sabatella 12 2 weeks ago
Issue Invisible staves inappropriately factored into note spacing BSG 23 2 weeks ago
Issue Fortepianos that last longer than a segment play incorrectly TheOtherJThistle 5 2 weeks ago
Issue NO MuseScore Drumline Palette for MuseScore 3 Alpha MHDrums 8 2 weeks ago
Issue Augmentation/Diminution features ljshamz 17 2 weeks ago