Metadata-tags not completely explained in tooltip

• Jan 5, 2023 - 09:32
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If you want to automatically insert the title of your work in the footer or header, in version 4.0.0, there is no convinient way of finding out what the metadata-tags of arranger, composer etc. are.
The tooltip does end without explaining them.

However in MuseScore 3 the tooltip was way more practical, including a proper preview of the current values.
It would be great, if this extended tooltip could be added again.


Simply looking the correct names up in MuseScore 🥴


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The tooltip does explain though where they are explained. And the tooltip is too long already.

To me it seems likely to be a bug and not a deliberate change. Note that the tooltip still claims that you can see "their current values", it also still references "Score Properties" when it is now "Project properties".

But, this tooltip has long been one of the most annoying aspects of the MuseScore UI. Pops up whether you want it or not, doesn't stay up long enough to be useful (especially is you don't already know what it's saying). It's in desperate need of a redesign.

Severity S5 - Suggestion S4 - Minor

Oh, you're right, there's pretty obviously stuff missing.
My excuse for missing that is that I'm on my mobile, not my PC 😉

Many ghastly usability issues around the metatag functions. Obviously having all of this as a tool-tip is annoying, it's huge and obstructs the workspace; it keeps reappearing over and over when working on the header/footer area; but if you're actually looking at it and studying it, it annoying disappears; usage explanation is confusing: you have to refer back and forth to the middle part for syntax which honestly trips me up nearly every time. (How many colons? before and after . . . wait . . . ?" Tags like the workTitle is oddly complicated and hard to remember. Couldn't this just be T instead? T is not in use by another tag. Others are similarly long and byzantine.

Why not just list the available tags and usage in the large blank area below the Footer Text area? Eliminate the tooltip altogether.

Status PR created fixed
Fix version 4.0.2

Feel free to open a new issue, but do so on GitHub, as this issue tracker here has been discontinued
(and the bug at hand here had been fixed)

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