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I am having serious issues with .WAV export from Musescore. I realize this is a common area of user error trouble but I have a strong background in coding. I have worked on this problem for two weeks trying all kinds of ideas and I simply have no work around. I am using a "gaming" quality PC with an I-9 processor. I have extreme memory, video and sound cards, and storage available.

This is NOT just a complaint...I am hoping to supply you with examples and I am trying to work with MuseScore to solve the problem. I hope to supply you with good examples. I have looked at my .WAV file using Audacity and it is truly corrupted, at each point the .WAV file sounds wrong to me. The sound errors are distorted, blurred, or omitted all together.

Essentially - the problem MAY BE related to be in the BBC-SO sound samples I am using. I am using what they (BBCSO) call "Core"instrument samples (about $300 for the core set). Each sample (voilin1, cello, etc) has about 5 GB per chosen form of a instrument for a note from BBSSO sound samples inserted into the score. I am guessing the sample I can send you is simply to complex, or uses too much data, for the .WAV interpreter to reproduce an accurate file.
I have tried the all possible sample rates, and also MP3, and FLAC. All seem to fail.

I have read each answer on-line, and none of the proposed solutions will solve my problem.

I will upload a .WAV sample but it is probably to large.

The .mscz will show you that the first section of the score works in the .wav file export but the second section of the score has numerous erros in the last 10 measures or so. If you look at this with Audacity, the sound goes to a near flat line in bad areas ( the last 10 measures of the .wav export file).

I am available for test you might suggest, total re-orchestration would take quite a lot of time but I could defer to the default samples if that will help.

Steve Luce


Reported version 3.6 4.0

In my former comment (#344718), I did not make my version clear - this problem is in reference to MuseScore 4.

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I am Steve, the person who made the original comment, above, about .wav errors
I had a serious problem with the Musescore 4 export of a .wav file. I now ave a more complete explanation and solution...

Answer - The wav file is not processed correctly in Musescore 4, especially when complex external instrument sound libraries are used - go to a good DAW.

The full answer is to USE A DAW after completing your Musescore 4 composition.

I am using Reaper. At this point, and I just checked again, Musescore 4 can NOT fully translate to the wav format, of my work, without major errors in the use of external sound sample libraries. My external libraries are BBC Symphony Orchestra "Core", and Vienna Symphony Orchestra (Bösendorfer ) grand piano sound samples. Most of my compositions are ten to twenty instruments, with multiple single instruments stacks.

Reaper can "render" a perfect wav format sound file every time. I have tested this idea over and over. The most significant issue seems to be the use of note sample stacks. I often will load a single instrument note with as many as 6 chord notes - a stack of notes 7 notes high). It seems that Musescore can not process the complex external instrument sample stacks as well as Reaper. Reaper has done all I have entered, including all stacks, and created the wav translation, and perfectly each time. Reaper has never made a mistake in all tests I have tried, where Musescore FAILS each time.

At this point, I would advise anyone experiencing Musescore 4 wav format errors, to port the entire Musescore MIDI file to Reaper, and export the wav file from Reaper or some other form of a good DAW.