Pedal On/Off shouldn't be immediate for compatibility reason

• Jan 2, 2017 - 07:28
S4 - Minor
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We send on/off one tick apart. It seems some synthesizer can't cope with this. Not sure really sure if it's a bug on their side or on our side... but we could maybe space the on/off a little bit more, if possible automatically without having one more configuration option.


Reported version 2.1  
Regression No
Workaround No

Greetings, I know that this issue is 2 years old but it would be a huge help if you could space Note On/Off signals at least 10 ticks instead of the default 1.

Status active PR created

Hello, I was able to reproduce this issue with a hardware synth (Roland RD-700NX), and a software synth (Pianoteq 6 Demo). But I cannot reproduce it with another hardware synth (Nord Electro 5D). All in the same computer, with the same OS. So, I would say that some timing issues can happen with some synths. Independently of where the failure is, for me it is clear that is nearly to impossible to do that movement with the foot in that amount of time, so I would not say that those synths are buggy.

However, I would like to notice that the Roland RD-700NX uses the CC64 in a continuous way. I mean, if I record my self with my keyboard, it does not only send 127 and 0 values when I press and release the sustain pedal. It sends a lot of CC64 values, describing a curve that represents how fast or slow I press and release the pedal. I think that Pianoteq has the same behavior. So, maybe that behavior could be related with this issue, because of the 127-to-0 fast transition.

I created a PR here: which allows to configure the minimum amount of ticks between pedal off event and a pedal on event, and can help to alleviate the hanging notes problems that some users could experience with their gear.