Git Message

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Playback continues to repeat after end repeat barline has been deleted Ziya Mete Demircan 13 12 hours ago
Issue Tie displayed incorrectly at start of system Marc Sabatella 5 14 hours ago
Issue Cross-staff ties displayed on wrong staff if also crossing system break David Copperfield 4 14 hours ago
Issue Tie displayed incorrect if start and end notes have different clefs Marc Sabatella 2 14 hours ago
Issue [Regression] Spacers start adding space between systems too soon Marc Sabatella 4 15 hours ago
Issue System distance unequal when system heights differ geetar 12 1 day ago
Issue "Show courtesy" checkbox in clef Inspector does not work Marc Sabatella 5 1 day ago
Issue Press Ctrl+number (3,4,5,6) while entering chord mode cause crash kazuma yamamoto 4 1 day ago
Issue Add end-start repeat barline back to barlines- and repeats palettes Jojo-Schmitz 29 1 day ago
Issue Coloring glissando's: color visible in inspector but not on screen MichLeon 4 2 days ago
Issue Adding Instrument, after changing location in the Dialog, leads to crash mike320 28 2 days ago
Issue Crash splitting multimeasure rest rank73_lotto 8 2 days ago
Issue Deleting first measure causes crash when a hairpin starts there TheOtherJThistle 5 3 days ago
Issue [regression] some articulations are placed incorrectly far from the note s.chriscollins 6 3 days ago
Issue Comma as a shortcut won't get saved gfeuer 18 3 days ago
Issue Select all glissandos in Range Selection fails mike320 8 4 days ago
Issue remove MDL ends in crash jeetee 6 4 days ago
Issue Single note dynamics not visible in MIDI output files 18 4 days ago
Issue [Regression] Edits after first system cause additional space to accumulate between systems Marc Sabatella 5 4 days ago
Issue Turning off auto placement globally remove leading space in measures mike320 5 4 days ago
Issue [Regression] Bad layout of slurs in presence of cross-staff beams Marc Sabatella 4 4 days ago
Issue [Regression] Bad layout of beam in presence of cross-staff beam in another voice Marc Sabatella 3 4 days ago
Issue Articulation and fret diagram min distance not saved Marc Sabatella 3 4 days ago
Issue Side panels not dockable after being undocked and closed once Fredrik Häthén 9 4 days ago
Issue Allow clef change after barline (for repeats) Thomas W 12 4 days ago