Git Message

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Certain key strokes in parts leads to crash mike320 3 2 hours ago
Issue SHIFT+_ does not insert melisma but underline previous syllable. Hyphen does not work occasionally tobik 45 2 hours ago
Issue Slurs are lost in parts Anatoly-os 1 7 hours ago
Issue Fingering doesn't participate in autoplacement Anatoly-os 1 8 hours ago
Issue Tuplets collide with other elements after being moved dmitrio95 6 8 hours ago
Issue Stave distance widens if there is cross-arpeggio chen lung 8 8 hours ago
Issue Failure when entering note with mouse under the staff in Continuous View cadiz1 10 2 days ago
Issue Save selection which starts with a multimeasure rest leads to crash cadiz1 4 3 days ago
Issue Incorrect articulations position Anatoly-os 4 3 days ago
Issue Trills and other ornaments play incorrectly on tied notes Marc Sabatella 33 3 days ago
Issue Copy-paste a multimeasure rest on another one causes corruption after undo cadiz1 16 4 days ago
Issue Clear palette cell: need confirmation before deletion geetar 5 4 days ago
Issue Multiple fermatas added to chords mike320 6 4 days ago
Issue Same note in different voices and lengths plays only the length of the shortest note schepers 140 4 days ago
Issue Crash when deleting staff when staff is being displayed in Piano Roll Editor blackears 4 4 days ago
Issue Assertion failure when opening a file from MuseScore 2.X dmitrio95 4 5 days ago
Issue Unable to select text in Chord Symbol Anatoly-os 7 5 days ago
Issue Crash when inserting note in Piano Roll Editor blackears 6 5 days ago
Issue Reworking the Mixer UI blackears 10 5 days ago
Issue Flip doesn't work for several notes connected with a beam Anatoly-os 15 6 days ago
Issue Repeats are incorrectly positioned in 3.0 Anatoly-os 5 6 days ago
Issue System distance reduced unexpectedly geetar 3 6 days ago
Issue Incorrect Clef position on appending percussion instruments Anatoly-os 4 6 days ago
Issue Crash when inserting a symbol from master palette tobik 13 6 days ago
Issue Layout corruption + undo Anatoly-os 5 6 days ago