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Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Note-Entry, non-uniform behavior depending on selected element type pereverzev_v 7 16 hours ago
Issue Pasting two voices on multimeasure rests leads to crash cadiz1 6 20 hours ago
Issue Crash on Ctrl+Shift+drag of score element on Linux (under ChromeOS) Marc Sabatella 4 20 hours ago
Issue Figured Bass Continuation Lines Disappearing Erisceres 36 2 days ago
Issue Crash when multi-measure rests are enabled and press End mike320 10 2 days ago
Issue Double click on Mixer's and Play Panel's dial and sliders should reset them to their defaults Jojo-Schmitz 13 2 days ago
Issue Settings in the inspector that are supposed to be greyed out don't appear as such upon the next click on the element Howard-C 8 2 days ago
Issue Slurs terminate in wrong spot in voices other than 1 mike320 7 3 days ago
Issue Beams in edit mode: issues with the adjustment of handles mike320 12 3 days ago
Issue Accidental shortcuts do not work in Re-Pitch mode mattmcclinch 5 3 days ago
Issue Entering notes with mouse fails in Italian TAB cadiz1 10 3 days ago
Issue Tie command does not properly handle chords with unisons mike320 13 3 days ago
Issue Bad key change after undoing the enabling of multimeasure rests mattmcclinch 4 3 days ago
Issue Unchecking 'Play' property of an accent has no effect PhilTA 7 3 days ago
Issue Staff spacer down doesn't work at page bottom RrOoSsSsOo 15 5 days ago
Issue Instruments play as piano with odd side effects TinyTrouble 34 5 days ago
Issue Screenreader info for RNA not good Marc Sabatella 4 6 days ago
Issue Import from 2.3.2 may create useless user text style "Figured bass" Miwarre 4 6 days ago
Issue Please add "pf" dynamic - per SMuFL glyph (U+E52E - dynamicPF) DanielR 15 6 days ago
Issue Automatic updates on Linux shoogle 13 1 week ago
Issue Percent sign cannot be entered into text Marc Sabatella 17 1 week ago
Issue Scoreview jumps back to start of score during note input on (auto)save Jojo-Schmitz 5 1 week ago
Issue Crash when adding glissandos between notes and rests/to a single note cadiz1 7 1 week ago
Issue Appimage missing --appimage-extract argument Thomas 6 1 week ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Measure numbering not correct hhpmusic 19 1 week ago