Git Message

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Measure number appears after edit in first measure after section break with intervening frame Marc Sabatella 4 1 day ago
Issue "Orchestral" and "Brass Ensemble" missing Euphonium and baritone-horns bmhm 5 1 day ago
Issue Page settings in parts are initialized incorrectly in dialog if using pre-3.5.2 defaults shji69 15 2 days ago
Issue Make applying tremolo a toggle operation antonjazzsax 26 2 days ago
Issue 3.6 regression -- instruments window staves column doesn't show changed part names Gene Gaunt 9 2 days ago
Issue Allow [Q] and [W] to work on a range selection Steve3 10 2 days ago
Issue Crash on Undo after adding measures with timeline open trrk 3 2 days ago
Issue Deleting all text in edit mode breaks Undo snieb 2 2 days ago
Issue Downloading MuseScore_General_HQ extension fails luc.claus.9 11 2 days ago
Issue Double clicking on a pallet item should not add two identical elements SteveBlower 23 2 days ago
Issue Scrolling undone by first mouse-click in single-page view with documents side-by-side or stacked Steve3 11 2 days ago
Issue Slurs forced above staff when extending over more than one measure Marc Sabatella 2 2 days ago
Issue old style multimeasure rests Wiering 48 1 week ago
Issue Wrong vertical position of breath mark werner 23 2 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore 3.0.4 on macOS is crashing on startup. Nevin Williams 89 2 weeks ago
Issue New post Changing audio output device frustrating - selections disappear sr3323 26 2 weeks ago
Issue Banjo Fifth String laturetab 25 2 weeks ago
Issue Staff spacer down does not work on last system of page Marc Sabatella 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash when changing time signature in front of a corrupted measure Luc Neyens 16 2 weeks ago
Issue Invisible breath shouldn't impact layout frfancha 30 2 weeks ago
Issue Deleting a breath/caesura selects the wrong note Wilh3lm 12 2 weeks ago
Issue Empty rehearsal mark not deleted after entering a line break. Marr11317 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Segmentation Fault when opening a file with a missing section break element bersyl91 17 2 weeks ago
Issue Disable auto-size of vertical frame when dragging the height handle jeetee 10 2 weeks ago
Issue C-Major/a-minor and atonal key signatures cause other elements, like dynamics, to move up Jojo-Schmitz 5 3 weeks ago