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Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue MuseScore Crashes Immediately on Startup on Windows Tyler Shropshire 50 5 hours ago
Issue MuseScore crashes during start-up while displaying "Start center" Bacchushlg 73 8 hours ago
Issue Drumset of MusicXML sounds pitch chen lung 14 10 hours ago
Issue Tuplet number: size should be reduced proportionately when tuplets are set to "small" Shoichi 15 17 hours ago
Issue Link to coding rules in Github automatic PR description is broken Asmatzaile 3 3 days ago
Issue FluidSynth plays Incorrect Pitch When Alternate Values Used for “Scale Tune” ChurchOrganist 25 4 days ago
Issue Automatic updates on Linux shoogle 18 4 days ago
Issue After repeat/jump chord symbol playback doesn't stop at Fine if there's no chord symbol at the start of the next measure gerrd kieft 22 5 days ago
Issue Select>More... does not select notes on "Same beat" of short measures mike320 8 6 days ago
Issue Image resize not correctly honoring aspect ratio and staff space unit settings M.Thum 47 6 days ago
Issue Save Online via command line shoogle 11 6 days ago
Issue Mandolin has Grand Piano sound chen lung 20 6 days ago
Issue Duplicate volta causes later repeats to play wrong danielandreas 26 6 days ago
Issue Add a two measure repeat sign Nicolas 198 1 week ago
Issue "Don't Break" element creates hole at end of system Marc Sabatella 6 1 week ago
Issue Wrong tie direction in chords related to the pitch of two adjacent strings in Tabs cadiz1 11 1 week ago
Issue Adding time signature breaks a tie across barline neGjodsbol 15 1 week ago
Issue Add custom line spacing to text elements elerouxx 8 1 week ago
Issue Default Files in Preferences -> Score are misaligned JLWaltener 18 1 week ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Triple and Quadruple Dots not exported correctly hhpmusic 8 1 week ago
Issue "add to measure number" is not linked between score and parts after reload Jojo-Schmitz 23 1 week ago
Issue Changes to Measure properties are not propagated between score and existing linked parts after save/reload Jojo-Schmitz 31 1 week ago
Issue Key signature change to C major adds extra space after the clef in error geetar 11 1 week ago
Issue Missing space between key signature and first note if time signature is hidden lg-dd 12 1 week ago
Issue Migrate Invisible staff lines and Staff line color to Staff Type elerouxx 11 1 week ago