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Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Inspector of ornaments is titled "Articulation" Howard-C 7 2 days ago
Issue Selecting multiple elements with sameType but different subtype doesn't update inspector title Howard-C 14 2 days ago
Issue individual text style is not imported from V2-score Bacchushlg 33 2 days ago
Issue Grips don't update immediately after flipping Howard-C 3 2 days ago
Issue AppImage: system printers not available in print dialogue Steve Walker 29 3 days ago
Issue [MusicXML Import] Losing Tempotext when saving as mscz/mscx enaef 17 3 days ago
Issue [MusicXML import] crash when importing file with fermata Leon Vinken 21 3 days ago
Issue [MusicXML] always export Slur placement Nicolas 9 3 days ago
Issue [MusicXML import] reversed wedge not imported Leon Vinken 13 3 days ago
Issue Several problems of Tremolo Bar Properties Marc Sabatella 14 3 days ago
Issue Incorrect Harmonica Range HuffNPuff 16 4 days ago
Issue Edit mode adjustments are not undoable for some elements dmitrio95 2 6 days ago
Issue Starting plugin with root not MuseScore crashes Marr11317 3 1 week ago
Issue Working directory plugin creator fortea 2 1 week ago
Issue Generic wind.flutes.whistle.tin without key is ambiguous Riaan van Niekerk 7 1 week ago
Issue Style setting for fingering in Inspector has no items geetar 11 1 week ago
Issue Improve Parts dialog, New Part tool tip Riaan van Niekerk 6 2 weeks ago
Issue crash when changing a triplet's rest's duration Jojo-Schmitz 13 3 weeks ago
Issue 3.4 Beta - Reset position (slur) after editing worldwideweary 5 3 weeks ago
Issue Images attached to rests not imported from MuseScore 2 Hans K. 31 3 weeks ago
Issue New section break inspector lose data David Copperfield 12 3 weeks ago
Issue "Generate key signatures" in staff type change does not work tobik 11 3 weeks ago
Issue Updating translations without a score open leads to crash JLWaltener 6 3 weeks ago
Issue Error in Select>More... menu mike320 18 3 weeks ago
Issue Natural-sharp/natural-flat not recognized as same accidental as sharp/flat mike320 13 3 weeks ago