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Issue [Trunk] Objects cut off in Master Palette chen lung 12 18 hours ago
Issue Barline operations should be enabled after selecting measure Marc Sabatella 3 19 hours ago
Handbook 3 Image capture werner 0 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Plugin to change temperaments/tunings Nicolas 12 1 month ago
Issue [Feature Request] Include mixer changes in undo history HiddenIllusion 14 5 months ago
Issue [Trunk] Undo doesn't restore previous tie direction chen lung 5 5 months ago
Issue Put the backup file in a separate folder Ironword 25 5 months ago
Forum topic Wie mehrere Takte Pause erstellen? lumikus 3 6 months ago
Forum topic Notenhälse bei mehreren Stimmen stepstra 17 6 months ago
Handbook Image capture werner 0 6 months ago
Issue System bracket is intrusive chen lung 9 7 months ago
Issue Voices can destroy timing + cursor always start at beginning of measure when switching voices hoang_tran 10 7 months ago
Issue Right aligned text does not align correctly Marc Sabatella 17 7 months ago
Issue [Trunk] Backspace and directional keys non-responsive in shortcuts chen lung 12 9 months ago
Issue Adding ties to chords (0.9.4 regression) cwhysall 13 10 months ago
Issue Mixer Reverb and Chorus have no effect on sound David Bolton 11 1 year ago
Forum topic First release of MuseE Score: 0.0.0 werner 3 1 year ago
Forum topic Possible to have Slur Playback? Michael M 37 1 year ago
Forum topic Accents Above Notes doctor_who_ 14 1 year ago
Issue Short and tick barlines do not always "stick" on saving. ChurchOrganist 7 1 year ago
Issue Wrong vertical position of breath mark werner 15 1 year ago
Issue Incorrect handling between time signatures and BPM cprudhoe 10 1 year ago
Issue Repeat barlines don't work in mid measure Leon Vinken 19 1 year ago
Forum topic Extend selected note info/status miko_ 3 1 year ago
Forum topic Invisible ledger lines pgill 15 1 year ago