Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Wrong vertical position of breath mark werner 14 3 weeks ago
Handbook 3 Image capture werner 0 4 weeks ago
Issue Incorrect handling between time signatures and BPM cprudhoe 10 1 month ago
Issue Repeat barlines don't work in mid measure Leon Vinken 19 1 month ago
Issue Allow user to reset Mixer Changes HiddenIllusion 13 1 month ago
Forum topic Extend selected note info/status miko_ 3 1 month ago
Forum topic Invisible ledger lines pgill 15 1 month ago
Issue "Draw antialiased" is unchecked in some cases which leads to sharped curves rendering cadiz1 38 2 months ago
Issue Page settings preview broken in score imported from version 2.3.2 mike320 10 2 months ago
Issue CJK characters are not appearing at all kazuma yamamoto 43 2 months ago
Issue Coda collides with measure number qsztan 3 2 months ago
Issue array index out of bounds mirabilos 7 2 months ago
Issue Icons for align bottom and align baseline are looking too similar mike320 9 2 months ago
Issue Some issues of 3.0-dev MLutz 9 2 months ago
Issue Reset and set as style buttons remain enabled after toggling bold, italic, or underline on/off Marc Sabatella 12 2 months ago
Issue UI changes for text properties/styles in Inspector Isaac Weiss 20 2 months ago
Issue Add command to choose scaling based on current layout MHDrums 13 2 months ago
Issue Tablature staves reported as standard in Instruments dialog mike320 7 2 months ago
Issue Manual adjustments to hairpin length lost on save/reload mchiapparini 4 2 months ago
Issue [Guitar Pro] Crashing files when opening cadiz1 14 2 months ago
Issue Infinite loop on some notes hangs strongly the program that becomes impossible to use cadiz1 9 2 months ago
Issue Text styles: the displayed font-size in the Inspector does not match the actual value geetar 23 2 months ago
Issue Autoplacement automatically set to "True" for Slurs on Reopening score Anatoly-os 11 2 months ago
Issue Changing musicsal font results in unreadable repeat barlines pthvogt 16 2 months ago
Issue Style dialog usability issues for text Marc Sabatella 17 2 months ago