[trunk] R4786 New 'Save Selection' feature

• Sep 14, 2011 - 14:22
S4 - Minor

This is an good feature, but it has some interesting limitations or side-effects. If you select only one staff of a two-stave system (piano score) and Save Selection, the resulting score has the correct time/key sig in the correlating staff, but the other staff is a no-mans land (blank, no time/key sig). No notes can be added and attempts to drop time/key sigs made MS crash. There's also not a correct ending bar line at the end, but thats not important. I didn't notice anything else yet.

It would seem appropriate to populate the empty staves with the correct time/key sigs and rests and putting the correct ending bar line at the end.


The "save selection" function is "work in progress". Escpecially the case of a staff range has to be worked out. Perhaps only complete instruments (parts) should be allowed in a first version (or the complete staves).

Oh, I know its a first (early) version, but thought you might want to see some reports of its use (or misuse). I don't usually test such new code but it worked so well the first time I figured a quick bug report would be OK.