• Dec 27, 2008 - 16:30


the time signiture is 6/4 I know you can do a triplet but how do you do one that only has 2, 1/8 beat notes? I have tried doing it with a 1/4 note and pressing ctl + 2 but that gives me 2, 1/16 notes and a 2 over them and you can not change the rest that is in the tuplet to a note. If you do a 1/4note and press ctl + 3 then you get the triple and can change the rests to the required note and ther is a 3 over the top.
I hope I am explainting this ok and some one can help.


Could you describe more clearly what you want? It sounds like you are trying to write two eighths notes on one beat of a 6/4 measure with a duplet bracket over them. The duplet bracket would be notationally redundant since 6/4 time already has two eighth notes per beat.

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