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Issue Copy and paste honoring actual time signatures of selection ChurchOrganist 43 2 days ago
Page Manuale Thomas 36 2 days ago
Issue Add a two measure repeat sign Nicolas 196 1 week ago
Forum topic Text over bar lines. MDMilford 5 1 week ago
Forum topic Remove bass clef rests when writing third and fourth voice notmusical 5 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Parentheses around notes cwhysall 7 1 month ago
Issue Filling measure with rests be affected by time signature maestro_hanson 23 1 month ago
Forum topic the yellow note robert leleu 3 2 months ago
Issue Anchor should snap to nearest anchor point when adjusting spanners with mouse David Bolton 6 3 months ago
Forum topic Shift a note up/down an octave mhindson 10 3 months ago
Forum topic [MIDI] Each stave has an instrument name chen lung 4 3 months ago
Issue Double click should still edit footer and instrument name David Bolton 14 3 months ago
Issue Undo/redo shortcuts disabled after Preference reset (2.0 regression) David Bolton 3 4 months ago
Book page Comparison of stable, beta, and development versions David Bolton 0 4 months ago
Issue Internal synthesiser features too much reverb lorenzosu_ 8 4 months ago
Forum topic how to convert file into a MIDI file Cortney M 19 4 months ago
Book page How to write a good bug report: step-by-step instructions David Bolton 0 5 months ago
Issue Note plays for duration of mouse click instead of preference setting David Bolton 12 5 months ago
Issue V-frame upper margin David Bolton 6 5 months ago
Issue Instrument settings Magnus Johansson 3 5 months ago
Forum topic Repeat Symbol for Chord Names bingy 4 6 months ago
Issue Add multi-line text area for copyright in New Score Wizard and File -> Score Properties David Bolton 36 6 months ago
Book page Version information David Bolton 0 6 months ago
Page Manuel de MuseScore 2 Thomas 36 6 months ago
Page Handbook for MuseScore 2 Thomas 36 6 months ago