Repeats may be written but can they also be played?

• Jan 10, 2009 - 08:21

Hi everyone,
Just beginning with MuseScore (WinXP, SP3).
First, let me tell you that I love the general "feel" of this software.
I am currently trying to use it as a compositional/arranging tool.
It already crashed on me several times, specially after installing the recommended full soundfont set.

1) Where can I send the log dump that it generates when crashing?
Would it be of any help for the development team for debugging pupposes?
I would be more than happy to help with the improvement of this fascinating piece of software.
It has so much potential.

2) From my experience, the repeat signs have no effect on the playback.
Is that so?

3) I can also confirm that the chord names are not copied along with the notes as someone also mentionned.

Should I install the current latest development version with a reasonnable chance of not crashing all the time?

Thanks to everyone who have been participating in this "labor of love".
I think that this software is worth the effort & persistence of going through the trying experience involved with making it better.



Repeats are optionally played. There is a button in the play toolbar to toggle reapeats on/off.

Crash dumps are not very useful. A bug can only be fixed if it can be reproduced on a developer machine. You should try to reproduce the crash and on "success" describe exactly what you did. This is most useful if you are using the latest prerelease.

Prereleases mainly are for testing purposes and maybe more stable than the released version (or not).
The latest prereleases should also copy/paste chord names.

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Thanks for your reply Werner.
I Installed build 1422.
It's much more stable on my system as far as I can see.
I love the improvements over the "stable" version: playback now scrolls along with the score. Great!

Quick observation about copying Chords:
Build 1422 now copies chords...but just a little too much ;-)
When I copy part of a measure of an instrument that does NOT have chords, chords are now copied along anyway ON TOP of the already existing chords. Now, each time I copy some notes somewhere else, I automatically also get chords to be copied over each other and this independently of the part I am working on. I then need to go and delete manually each redundant superimposed "layer" of chords afterward.

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