Auto remove - top, middle or bottom note - after multiple select / intelligent triad edit functionality

• Feb 18, 2009 - 20:36

I often write my chords out on one stave prior to splitting the harmony between staves/instruments.

I then copy the chords onto other staves and manually remove (usually) the top middle or bottom notes for that instrument.

If I could create my hamony on one stave, copy to another stave... then as it would still be selected engage a advanced delete option to

remove all
1) top notes
2) middle notes
3) bottom notes
in chords/triads

Where notes are grouped in chords of 4 or more and the middle option is selected... simply display the message "some chords selected have more than 3 notes.... These chords will be ignored"


Oh... the time that would save !


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Assuming you chord is made up of 3 notes::

of exact same legnth:-

I imagine removing top or bottom notes in a chord would be the easy bit.

Middle note also.

Where note length differs throughout the chord I presume the safest option would be to also display a message such as "this feature only removes notes where all lengths are equal" and give a graphical example.

So... possibly .... assuming people may copy a few bars of construction from on stave to the next:-

1) Select bars/notes to perform function on
2) Select "Chord Reaper" function
3) Display function interface with message:-
"This function removes the top middle or bottom note of all 3 entry chords detected in your selection, [show illustration]
The operation will only be applied to chords where notes are of the same length. [show illustration]
If the -Middle- option is selected, where reaper detects any chord of 4 notes or more that chord will be untouched. [show illustration]
Where 2 or single notes are encountered reaper will also leave these untouched. [show illustration]
4) display top middle and bottom button with the Apply button.

Having said all that above.....

You could make it work with just 2 options.......

A) remove top line
B) remove bottom line

This way you can work your way to the middle whilst also correcting and adjusting 4/5/6 etc chord entry's as you go.

...... Hmm.......

Ok... start again....

1) Select a passage of notes on a stave (mixture of all sorts of chords)
2) Select "Chord Reaper" ..... or whatever you want to call it.
3) That passage is copied onto a new tab of its own (just the selected passage and nothing else)
4) same remove -Top- line or -Bottom- line buttons displayed
5) Now give the user the power to select notes ctrl+Click that are to be EXCLUDED from the top or bottom line operation prior to Top or bottom bieng selected followed by apply.
6) have a level of Undo and the option to "insert updated passage into parent."

This way any double or single notes could be excluded from the option .. or it or one of them will be removed on performing top or bottom operation... Likewise sets of 4 or more can be tweaked prior to reaping the passage.

sibelius has that:
select > filter > top/bottom note
you can even use a "double" filter eg. select > voice 1 only > select > filter > top note
It would indeed be awsome if that could be implemented in this app.

I really like musescore btw, kuddo's for you developing it!
Take care, oNNo

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