Chord Level Selector

User is allowed to select [Top] / [Bottom] / Or any levels of chords between first through seventh quickly using keyboard shortcuts [0-7] or a combination by activating check-boxes correspondent to the desired levels within a score's valid range-based selection.

Alternative functions are provided to build a chord or a sequence of notes (eighth notes) from a valid range selection into voice-1 to be pasted from the clipboard.

This was originally based off of the PruneStack plugin, but the main purpose here is to select rather than to "prune" (or delete: easily performed with delete keyboard shortcut after level selection) while also allowing a voicing-switch function (also just a helper function - these can be performed with exchange-voice shortcuts within the main MuseScore program).

Personally, I believe this supersedes the PruneStack plugin for MuseScore 3.x by allowing top/bottom/level selection and letting user decide what to do with levels afterwards.

A plugin forum post linked below contains a demonstration or update messages. Since I'm not adding this to my github account, any problems or discussion would be cool at that forum post, even though this isn't the "standard" way to put up a plugin. Hope this helps.

Updated 2022.03.16 19:46UTC

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