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Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue MuseScore 3 does not run on macOS 10.10 & 10.11 Riaan van Niekerk 51 2 days ago
Forum topic Half/Double Duration Proposal Marc Sabatella 43 6 days ago
Issue Timewise delete code David Bolton 6 1 week ago
Issue Crash when playing and closing score whilst synthesiser loads chen lung 11 1 week ago
Issue Crash after stopping playback during soundfont load and doing something chen lung 8 1 week ago
Issue Ties in tablature: vertical position wrong and ends hidden behind fret marks geetar 18 1 week ago
Issue Microsoft Store | MuseScore 2 should be called MuseScore Horinius 12 1 week ago
Issue [EPIC] Tablature issues Anatoly-os 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Hyphenated melisma requires too much space chen lung 13 2 weeks ago
Forum topic copying and pasting just lyrics stever808 19 2 weeks ago
Issue Tie on same side of staff/ledger line as augmentation dot = collision s.chriscollins 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Auto space staves on a page mike320 4 3 weeks ago
Issue Stave distance widens if there is cross-arpeggio chen lung 12 3 weeks ago
Issue Add Glissando playback style 'bend' jeetee 25 4 weeks ago
FAQ When will the next version of MuseScore be released? chen lung 0 4 weeks ago
Issue Notes collide between cross-staff Quoc Dong 11 1 month ago
Issue Playback skipping and cracking chinaclippers! 9 1 month ago
Issue Ottava ports to tablature chen lung 19 1 month ago
Issue Audio Export - Solo function in the mixer does not affect the output file. timber1 3 1 month ago
Issue [MusicXML] Arpeggio doesn't appear over multi-voice notes chen lung 5 1 month ago
Issue Beam and stem of cross-staff notes don't flip chen lung 3 1 month ago
Issue Stem direction of cross-staff notes incorrect chen lung 6 1 month ago
Issue Dragging stave with cross staff beaming produces remnants chen lung 10 1 month ago
Issue Bad layout of cross staff ties chen lung 10 1 month ago
Issue Cannot move some staves in system with hidden staves chen lung 3 2 months ago