Replacing a crotchet with a quaver produces two of the latter

• Sep 28, 2010 - 03:04

1) Create 4:4 piano score and input the attached notes.
2) Still in note entry, select a quaver (or something lower - it's the same issue) and click on the G.

Expected result: There should be one quaver with a rest.
Actual result: There's two quavers.

You'll probably find a better explanation, or perhaps it has already been reported.

Using 10.4.11 and

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If you have a score all ready finish, and need to replace a crotchet with a pair of quavers, select to quavers tied together in the score, then "copy" then go to the crotchet and "paste", remove the tie, and move up or down to the desire position.

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