Removal of entire second verse lyrics

• Mar 11, 2012 - 00:32

I had entered lyrics for a second verse but now need to remove them. I can select each syllable and delete but is there a way to delete it all in one go?


It could be a good idea.

Can you suggest ways of how this can be done?

One possible way is a menu item (Remove Line/Verse ... Of Lyrics).

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The select all similar idea would be a good short term fix for this particular issue. But I think what is really needed is a separate lyrics editing mode with more powerful lyrics editing. Say, what if you wanted to exchange verses 2 and 3? Or copy lyrics from the soprano part to the alto part? Or search and replace "he" for "she"? But such a facility woild be a big project.

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As you say, this sounds like a big project. Would it not be easier to have "Export lyrics" and "Import lyrics" functions. This would require defining a syntax for lyrics to show the note assignment, in the simplest case using '-' or ' ' to mark "move to next note"; it also requires syntax within MS to mark "Verse n starts here". Of course it would be lovely to have the world's best lyrics editor embedded within MS, but until then, if you have a one-click import, you can use whatever text tools you are familiar with to do just about anything with the text. Lots of things need considering, like other languages (Japanese in my case) which do not use the hyphen separation convention.

I agree that a true editor would be great. Somewhere else I did see a workaround that you might try, though. You can delete the lyrics a line at a time by shift-clicking around a line of lyrics. You can tell they are selected when they change color. Then hit delete. You have to experiment to figure out how big to make the selection box.

To delete the lyrics: Right click on one of the lyrics -> Select -> Select similar elements on this staff and press Del.

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This is an old thread but for those who are interested, do NOT choose to delete ALL similar elements on this staff as it will do what it says on the tin and kill all your lyrics.

You can delete ONLY the second verse lyrics by Right-clicking on a lyric, choosing Select> More> Same subtype> Verse 2, OK.

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At the moment in version 2.x one could use this AWK script work around. This would move the verses by changing their logical number as in the future 3.x inspector.

(make sure though, you use the most recent version of the script and apply it to an uncompressed .mscx file)

I tried to create a plugin but due to some limitations in the plugin API it is not possible to change anything in verses 2 or higher. I also tried to wrap the script with a plugin to simplify the selection and parameters but again API does not expose the full path of the current score. I may be wrong here so any help or hints would be appreciated.

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