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Forum topic Our Progress on MuseScore 4 - Part 2 Tantacrul 23 2 days ago
Forum topic Our Progress on MuseScore 4 Tantacrul 291 2 days ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4. Moving from notation software to composition software. Anatoly-os 443 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Update on MuseScore 3.6 and 4.0 Tantacrul 45 3 weeks ago
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Issue Lack of Capabilities in the Custom Time Signature Creator Jason Turk 26 1 month ago
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Blog GSoC 2021 - Week 3 - Tempo Popup 85sid 5 3 months ago
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Forum topic Introducing Telemetry in the Notation Software Anatoly-os 236 5 months ago
Issue Create custom time signature dialog box - no acknowledgement of success - can yield multiple instances of time signature mikekidner@mac.com 7 5 months ago
Book page Google Summer of Code 2021 Tantacrul 0 6 months ago
Forum topic MIDI/XML IMPORTING Arvolov 2 6 months ago
Issue Changes to the size of 'Gliss' text on glissando gets reset when a project is reopened Tantacrul 18 8 months ago
Issue MuseScore 3.6 crashes when rearranging instrument positions and changing Ordering (see description) WilsonE7 16 8 months ago
Forum topic Designing the Mixer for MuseScore 4 Tantacrul 94 8 months ago
Issue Opening a 2.x score in 3.6 and choose 'Keep old style' does not keep the style. JLWaltener 6 8 months ago
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Forum topic Musescore Ver:6 upgrade fred_wylie@ntl… 3 9 months ago
Forum topic Update to MuseScore 3.6 William Halsted 12 9 months ago
Issue Apparent issues when Hebrew Translation is Turned On Tantacrul 2 9 months ago
Issue In Preferences -> Import : Action of Checkbox 'Always suggest to apply improvements...' is inversed JLWaltener 8 9 months ago
Issue New Export dialog (pdfs etc.) has too many steps geetar 10 10 months ago
Forum topic Note heads not printing on Mac after upgrading to Big Sur pc1986 8 10 months ago
Forum topic Design of solo/mute icons on mixer Asmatzaile 29 11 months ago