MuseScore 4 Keyboard Shortcuts (map cheat sheet)

• Nov 29, 2022 - 13:52

I created a keyboard shortcuts map for MuseScore 4 and it is now ready. Today i release the version 1.0. You can download a UHD or WQHD PNG-file (and set it as a background wallpaper for example) and a PDF-file.

I also added a black and white version and a version to print (with white background).

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to write. Now have fun studying the many key combinations and happy musescoring!

Here is the announcement post about it:
Many thanks to the community for your comments and finding typos.


Congratulations and thank you for all your work.

I find that the colours you use make it virtually impossible for me to see what is there.

Is it possible to have simply black and white?

Edit: Ah when I zoom in I see that the colours are integral. I guess what i need is just a text version outlining the short cuts. Have a great day.

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Thank you xavierjazz!

Yes, the colors are linked to the modifier keys. But maybe making a black/white version is actually not a bad idea. On the one hand for all forms of color blindness, and on the other hand for those who can only print it out in black and white (with white background and black text). I have to think about this approach.

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Hello MerlinW
Some time ago, without knowing that you had done this work, I started the same thing for the French keyboard (AZERTY layout) by creating a drawing of the keyboard from scratch. To do this, I have drawn a vector with Inkscape. But due to lack of time, I stopped on the way.
I imagine that you also created a vector drawing. Would it be possible to get this drawing 'as is' ? I'll have to modify it for the AZERTY keyboard, taking into account the evolutions of the shortcuts. I think French users would be happy to have this drawing (in .pdf and .png).

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Hello mikosax,
sorry for the late reply. It's fantastic that you want to make a French language version.
Yes, I created the shortcut map as a vector graphic. For this I used "Affinity Designer". Can you import the PDF directly into Inkscape (at least that's possible in AD)? Then you can change all content. Otherwise I can also export it to you as an SVG or EPS file.
I used the following fonts: "Open Sans", "Open Sans Condensed" and for the symbols "Noto Music".

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Hello Merlin
Thank you for this information. Inkscape allows me to import .pdf's, but 'Noto Music' font - installed on my workstation - is not recognized (maybe it's an import problem that Inkscape doesn't know how to handle).
In any case, thank you for the work you have done, as it will be an excellent basis for my project.

Hi Merlin,

Thanks for the nice work you did. While working on a dutch version, I noticed the two commands listed at the bottom left should be reversed.
Select to the beginning of the bar should be placed with the ctrl+shift+left arrow and select to the end of the bar should be placed with the ctrl+shift+right arrow.

Hope you can find the time to update.

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