Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Chord playback: reset to style button (Inspector) fails to remain enabled geetar 9 23 hours ago
Issue Chord symbol playback: "Realize chord symbols" dialog shows an extra root note geetar 14 2 days ago
Forum topic no workspaces found zhouzhihao 5 1 week ago
Forum topic MuseScore2 to Musescore3 : pagenumber pagepos ? Frank Revolle 9 1 week ago
Forum topic Error loading my mscz file Alejo Villarroel 7 1 week ago
Forum topic Chords from a MuseScore File? whdyck 4 1 week ago
Issue Note names not translated in status bar and selection dialog box mike320 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Inconsistent spacing of same-duration notes BarnieSnyman 71 4 weeks ago
Issue Keyboard shortcuts for palette objects Jinx_Dojo 9 1 month ago
Issue Preferences window doesn't match on a 15'' Laptop screen and height isn't resizeable kuwitt 21 1 month ago
Issue Musescore 3.4.2 crashes on startup on MacOS Aron Ásmundur … 2 1 month ago
Issue Crash when using Save Online in a selfbuilt MuseScore using Qt 5.14.2 or 5.15.0 RC2 Jojo-Schmitz 10 1 month ago
Forum topic Playback without highlight stewmurr 16 1 month ago
Forum topic MuseScore window resizing itself on Linux Uityyy 12 2 months ago
Issue The Advanced Preferences table doesn't allow column width resizing and truncates parameter values on their left. Stanley Sokolow 8 2 months ago
Forum topic Midi Toggle On/Off Keyboard short cut. Mark Anthony Skarupa 1 2 months ago
Issue Some scores not showing properly in Score View (related to undo and page size?) kartikay.kumar.944 3 2 months ago
Issue Navigation shortcut conflict in Windows geetar 6 2 months ago
Forum topic Option to completely disable automatic placement tubascuba 63 2 months ago
Forum topic Turn OFF Audio Engine cronooonorc 6 2 months ago
Forum topic Tied notes. Max LaLonde 2 2 months ago
Issue Chord symbol playback enabled for one user not enabled by another Marc Sabatella 20 2 months ago
Forum topic Text Appearance Randomly Changes Quinn Ouyang 11 2 months ago
Forum topic Whenever I change the font of a title, subtitle, or composer in the MuseScore software, it defaults to what looks like Arial whenever I publish it. Moonlarke 7 2 months ago
Forum topic Is note offtime limited? yonah_ag 32 2 months ago