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• Jan 16, 2018 - 07:31

Is it possible to switch off the moving highlight during playback? I have not been able to find such a switch.
This would considerably enhance the use of Musescore as a teaching aid.
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"This would considerably enhance the use of Musescore as a teaching aid."
I am also teacher, and use a lot MuseScore, but I don't understand immediatly what you mean by "considerable enhancement as a teaching aid"? Could you develop the use cases?

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I am preparing for an exam in which I will play my oboe with a piano accompanist. During practice I use Musescore as my accompanist.
The moving highlight is a great help for getting the rhythm right (especially with the loop feature) but I have to learn to use my ears while reading the accompanist's notes rather than relying on the moving highlight. But as it seems I can't switch the highlight off, I will as another comment suggested, just follow the music on a print-out while Musescore plays on my computer.

We have this feature in our app for Android and iOS, which run currently only on those platforms. You can hide the cursor by tapping with two fingers on the score.

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