Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Automatic updates on Linux shoogle 13 2 hours ago
Forum topic Better typographic support? RFC Miwarre 41 1 day ago
Issue Appimage missing --appimage-extract argument Thomas 6 5 days ago
Issue JACK Audio on Musescore 3.x not working Cadence Point Music 36 2 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore 3 is not available as a PortableApp on Windows Riaan van Niekerk 32 2 weeks ago
Issue [MacOS X] Export Pdf with Muse Jazz Text all garbled and unreadable if no printers are setup on a machine Unknown Prodigy 58 2 weeks ago
Issue Strange results when changing 4/4 measues with halfnotes tremolos between notes to 3/4 Jojo-Schmitz 9 1 month ago
Issue Crash when changing duration measure containing tremolo between notes Matt Montag 2 1 month ago
Issue Plugins cannot really substitute underlying chord/rests ABL 1 1 month ago
Issue Generate courtesy signature if next system has a local time signature on any staff Howard-C 19 1 month ago
Forum topic Filling measure with rests be affected by time signature Howard-C 20 1 month ago
Issue Crash on startup with AddressSanitizer on ABL 5 2 months ago
Issue Plug-in code working differently when called directly and when run under Plugin Creator Miwarre 7 2 months ago
Issue User fonts not visible to MuseScore 3 (Windows 10) enkidu 35 3 months ago
Forum topic New version - no longer able to delete bars/measure yanivloran 8 4 months ago
Issue MIDI input menu has no "None" option BSG 42 4 months ago
Issue Broken on-screen rendering of synthetically emboldened fonts mirabilos 14 4 months ago
Forum topic MS 3.1 -- What happened to "Midi Input: none" !? BSG 11 5 months ago
Forum topic Jack Audio Setup with Musescore [DELETED] 25874821 6 5 months ago
Issue Crash when enabling MIDI via palette button (Version 3.0.4) der-dirk 13 7 months ago
Issue "Dropping" end barline onto Multi-Measure rest should apply barline to *end* of multi-measure rest ericfontainejazz 9 7 months ago
Issue "MuseScore quit unexpectedly" when closing MuseScore 3.0.[1-5] on macOS with a MIDI device chschmid 67 7 months ago
Issue Musescore 3 FreeSans bold text rendering is bad Jojo-Schmitz 10 7 months ago
Issue MuseScore 3.0 crashes on opening if JACK Audio has been registered on Windows. FierceDeity Pr… 9 8 months ago
Issue cutting and pasting music deletes special barlines Arthomas 7 8 months ago