MuseScore crashes during start-up while displaying "Start center"

• Sep 3, 2018 - 10:22
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S1 - Blocker

The latest version of the Dev. version master crashes on my windows system. Tested with the versions from 31.08. and 1.9.
The crash seems to be provoked while the start center initializes. Maybe it reads some "unvalid" data??


Most likely the crash occurs while trying to read one of your recently opened scores so it can show a preview. If you could determine which score causes the crash, and share that score with us, that would be very helpful. You might have to move or rename your scores in order to start MuseScore.

It seems something happen while musescore read Thumbnail. Something changed and last musescore crashes while read score. I believe it happen not with all of your score but with one of them. To utilize app you can run app with -F to prevent crash.
To find the bug please do the following steps. Try to open your last scores. If I am right musescore will crash again with one of score. If this happens upload score please.

I tried a couple of ways to remove "old" data:
- start with "-F"
- delete folder "MuseScore3Development" in document folder
- delete folder "MuseScore3Development" in AppData (Local and Roaming)
- rename my "normal" MuseScore folder (from version 2)

Nothing helps. After start-up I see the Start center for about 3 seconds while the mouse cursor displays activity (circle) and then it crashes with no comment.
I also tried to start from command line - in order to see any error messages. But the cmd-Window closes on starting "nightly.bat"...

Is there a flag that I can set manually in the configuration to suppress the start center?
In MuseScore 2 this was:


but it seems not to work for MuseScore 3 (or I don't know which is the correct section where to put it)

Interestingly enough, -n will start with the new score wizard, but then after the wizard finishes, the start center will appear. This cannot be desired behavior.

The tip to start with a score as argument was the "solution". Now I could disable the start center and go further with testing...

"I believe it happen not with all of your score but with one of them."

Which one (s)? Please attach this one, or one of them.
And with precise/detailed steps?

cadiz1, I think you misunderstand. From what we've learned, there seems to be something about Bacchushlg's system that is causing MuseScore to crash when WebView is enabled. The problem does not seem to be with any of the recently opened scores, as we had originally thought. This seems to be a good place to start looking for suspicious code, but without being able to reproduce the crash, and without further information, it may be difficult to diagnose.

Does disabling WebView really make all the difference? Both "Cheek to Cheek" and "Autumn Leaves" would trigger a crash if Start Center tries to show a preview for either score, regardless of whether or not WebView was enabled. Of course, it is possible that this crash is unrelated to either of those scores....

the option "-w" helped me. So the reason seems to be the Webview.
Also, the default directory for V3 is different from V2, so it should not "see" the damaged files.

V3 does not look into V2 prefs. Not does any development build look into any installed version's prefs. So no, recent files should not be shown after -F

I had a similar problem, that I reported as Issue #276060.
Unfortunately the probmlem dissapperared after running with -F, so now I can't trace it any more.

Bacchushlg I built debug version of MuseScore for you. In debug version there is a debug console which is used for some debug information. See the link bellow and download archive please. I'm not sure but may be some useful debug information will get into debug console. It may help to diagnose the crash. If this will not help I'll prepare specific musescore version with some additional logging output

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just came across this report while trying out the latest builds. Reason for me for testing is that I read somewhere that it is now possible to assign MIDI channels to the score manually.

I am having the same problem as the original poster: The start screen shows up (displaying a crash cymbal) and after a few seconds it dies without any notice. Trying -F, -w etc. all do not help, there is also no score that it is attemtping to load (unless it looks in the previous v2.3 settings).

I downloaded and tried the debug archive you have posted via dropbox and run that on my system, same result. However, I captured the debug output (attached to this post).

BTW, my system is Windows 10 latest build and patches, german language. If you need more specific information or would like me to run specific tests on my system please let me know.


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You seem to have a different problem. You should open a new issue called "MuseScore crashes when displaying splash screen" Please report you operating system and build number you are using in the report. Can you try to download different builds until you find one that works? Include any successful in your issue report also. It will help track down where the problem is.

I have come across this problem again.
(Running from my local build, so it may not be exactly same problem)

The console writes the message:

[20704:22608:1008/] Error reading broker pipe: Pipen er blevet afsluttet. (0x6D)
Danish text translates to: Pipe has been terminated.

I can locate the source of the crash to be somewhere in ScoreBrowser.cpp/setScores.

I can probably get the exact score if I can get hold of the filename - held in QString st = fi.filePath();
How can I output that in a qDebug?

Further investigation has located the crash:

Code snippet from void ScoreBrowser::setScores(QFileInfoList& s) in ScoreBrowser.cpp

 if (st.endsWith(".mscz") || st.endsWith(".mscx")) {
                    if (!sl) {                                      qDebug("D1");
                          if (_showCustomCategory) {
                                QLabel* label = new QLabel(tr("Custom Templates"));
                                QFont f = label->font();
                          sl = createScoreList();     <___
                    sl->addItem(genScoreItem(fi, sl));   //------Crashes here

If I open Ms restoring the pervious session and so by-passing Startcenter I am able to open the score that causes the crash.
Score is attached.

Crash happens both in my local build and in c77e761.

Severity S2 - Critical S1 - Blocker
Priority P2 - Medium
Regression No
Reproducibility Randomly
Workaround No

"Randomly" is because the issues is reproduced not for everyone.

Thank you very much handrok. Your application wax very helpfull to explain why my MuseScore application was crashing immediatly when started.

It was because it tried to initialize an ASIO device but this device was turned off.

As soon as I turned this ASIO device on, MuseScore stopped crashing when started.

Workaround No Yes

Workaround is to either use -w, or start MuseScore by double-clicking a score and then in Edit > Preferences > General switch off Startcenter

Can replicate reliably in 3.5.0 with Edit > Preferences > General > Startcenter ON
Workaround = start Musecore by opening an existing score then turn startcenter OFF

Fix version 3.5.1  

Indeed the workaround is to either use -w, or start MuseScore by double-clicking a score and then in Edit > Preferences > General switch off Startcenter