Musescore crashes upon opening

• Oct 20, 2020 - 03:44

I just opened Musescore to start working on something, and I saw a prompt for an update. I went ahead and let the update do its thing, restarte my computer, and now when I open Musescore. it stops and says that something caused the program to stop working properly, and then when i close that, Musescore closes.

I just went through the whole "Win+R, space then hyphen capital F" business, and it didn't work, and now my app isn't even in dark mode anymore. I need some help here. I have to do a composition by 10/23!

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This is the upgraded version that is crashing (windows 10). I did the prompted upgrade when I opened Musescore 3. After the looong upgrade and restart, when I opened Musescore 3.5.2. it immediately closes with Windows saying it will send a report. There seems to be some incompatibility somewhere. I am going to attempt to uninstall the upgrade completely and try a fresh download and install directly from the website.

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