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• Aug 20, 2020 - 22:13

For well over a week now I have been trying to get help loading the new MuseScore v 3.5. I uploaded the new version after a prompt from MuseScore. Since then the programme will not load. A window pops up saying that the previous session quit unexpectedly and did I want to restore session. I have clicked yes, no and the x to delete and all result in the title page coming up then the programme disappears. I am running Windows 10 on a laptop. I have reported this on every available forum, message link and on and nobody is addressing the issue. I can't do anything within the program because I can't get into the program. I notice on some forums that other users are experiencing difficulties. WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO!
Norrie Williams (Norwood54)

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Thank you for your help. Your message comes through as a 'no reply' and is bounced back. I've only just found out how to reply through MuseScore. I appreciate the time you've taken but I am really struggling with the different forums and support pages. Anything you can do to help is appreciated.
I've tried both of the suggestions. Loading from an existing file brings up the programme but I can't access the start centre. I followed the instructions to return to factory settings but the programme disappears after the title page comes up and before the start centre window would normally appear, just as it does when I try to start the programme in the usual way.
I wonder if I should delete the programme and reload it, or find a restore point before the date of the upload. Please advise

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Once the program is running you need to turn off the start center. Viewing it will cause a crash for you.

In the menu Edit->Preferences in the General tab there is a checkbox for Show Start Center you need to uncheck. You will then be able to run MuseScore normally.

You must post in the forums, you can't reply to emails. The emails include a link that you can click to see the post and then reply. You may have figured that out already, but I'm making no assumptions.

As for the Start center, this has been a problem for some people for a long time, the problem is that none of the programmers has experienced this, so they haven't been able to find a solution.

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